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Hamilton Maths Blocks linked to Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

By Nick Barwick - 10 Jun 2022

Hamilton Blocks: A progression of Units to deliver the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

Hamilton's teaching order - our existing Short maths blocks - enables teachers to track coverage and deliver the Numeracy and Mathematics Experiences and Outcomes across the whole year.

Maths teaching order for Autumn, Spring and Summer terms:

Early level: Reception (P1)
First level: Year 1 (P2) | Year 2 (P3) | Year 3 (P4)
Second level: Year 4 (P5) | Year 5 (P6) | Year 6 (P7)

Early/First level: Reception/Year 1 (P1/P2)
First level: Year 1/2 (P2/3) | Year 2/3 (P3/4)
First/Second level: Year 3/4 (P4/5)
Second level: Year 4/5 (P5/6) | Year 5/6 (P6/7)

Teachers working through our spiral curriculum can make direct links between Hamilton units/ lessons and the Experiences and Outcomes within the Early, First or Second levels of the Scottish Curriculum.

Certain elements of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence are not addressed by the English curriculum:
Chance and uncertainty There is no coverage for Outcomes MNU 1-22a or MNU 2-22a.
Money (management/ bank cards & budgeting/ profit & loss) There are no explicit parallels for Outcomes MNU 2-09a, b or c.

An order of teaching that ensures logical progression through skills:

HT Short blocks

Teachers can download Medium Term Plans to demonstrate coverage of the Numeracy and Mathematics curriculum, confident that each Unit of learning meets one or more Experiences and Outcomes. Flexibility to match teaching to the needs of the class is easy, because each unit is clearly identified by the skills it covers. This means that teachers can make their own judgements as to whether a particular unit’s teaching is required for the children in their class, or whether to move straight on to the next unit.