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Also available

  • Problem-Solving Investigations provide ways to meet the challenges of building investigative skills from Early Years to Year 6.

    Problem-Solving Investigations →
  • Extra Support activities, designed to be used by TAs with small groups of children, can make a significant difference to children below ARE.

    Extra Intervention Support →
  • Hamilton's calculation strategy sets out mental and written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from Y1 through Y6.

    Calculation Strategies →
  • Key maths skills are the heart of what enables children to become successful in maths. Don't let your children miss out on these.

    Key Maths Skills →
  • Use our number lines, fraction walls and place value charts to practice number, calculation, geometry, measurement and fractions.

    Generic maths resources →
  • Staff Meetings are adaptable downloads that provide everything you need to run staff meetings based on Ruth Merttens' maths mastery training.

    Staff Meetings →