Year 4 English

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The LKS2 National Curriculum content for Year 4 is arranged in a mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry blocks focusing on different text types. Blocks are divided into units, each of which covers objectives across the Year 4 English curriculum, with an emphasis on introducing the core text, comprehension, composition or SPAG.

Summer Blocks

Fiction 5 Units

Immerse yourselves in wonderful stories from Africa. Read Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, The Pot of Wisdom and African Tales. Write Ananse stories using extended sentences.

Stories on a Theme: Stories From Other Cultures

Non-fiction 5 Units

Explore issues around animals in captivity, reading texts including Zoo by Anthony Browne and Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo. Study adverbials and expanded noun phrases.

Persuasive Writing: Animals in Captivity

Poetry 5 Units

Explore odes and powerful types of imagery, such as simile, metaphor and hyperbole. Learn about pronouns and determiners. Examine extracts of Shelley's To a Skylark.

Poetic Forms: Odes and Insults

Fiction 5 Units

Read The Butterfly Lion over the course of several days, using the opportunity to discuss, compare and analyse it. Perform role-play, write dialogue, use adverbials, and finally produce a new chapter for the book.

Fantasy: The Butterfly Lion

Non-fiction 5 Units

Explore recounts using biographies from the civil rights movement: Henry’s Freedom Box and the story of Rosa Parks' life. Use dialogue punctuation, apostrophes and paragraphs.

Reports: Narratives of Liberation

Poetry 5 Units

Immerse yourselves in poetry, reading and choosing poems, comparing and analysing, then writing. Study fronted adverbials and possessive apostrophes, all in the context of a poem for every day of the year.

Poems on a Theme: Nature Poems

Fiction 5 Units

Using David Walliams’ Mr Stink, children read and write humorous stories with funny characters. They practise dialogue punctuation and using expanded noun phrases for impact.

Modern Fiction: Mr Stink by David Walliams

Poetry 5 Units

Read, discuss, learn and perform some fantastic poems from Off By Heart – Poems for YOU to Remember (Roger Stevens). Explore pronouns and fronted adverbials.

Performance Poetry: Off by Heart