Year 1 English

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LOCKDOWN ONE STOP PLANNING - Personalised materials for children at home plus linked planning and activities for teaching vulnerable children in class.

Click on a Unit to see Back to Lockdown on the second card. Download Route Map to sort out a short personal video to kick-start the work at home for 2/3 days. Then upload the Home Pack to your school website. Then use the same Planning and Activities for your in-class work.

Spring Blocks

2 Units

Children use colour to express emotions and then read and create different monsters to act out feelings. They draw on puppet making, drama, singing, modelling and art to express themselves.

Wellbeing: Colours and Monsters

Fiction 5 Units

Explore traditional tales, Dragon Dinosaur, The House that Jack Built, Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone and Chicken Licken. Write and punctuate sentences with ‘and’ and ‘because’.

Traditional Tales and Fables: Sharing and Retelling

Non-fiction 5 Units

Explore the fantastic Mo Willems books about Pigeon. Practise giving/receiving instructions and write/ illustrate their own Pigeon story. Read Hamilton: Boris and Sid are Bad!

Instructions: Pigeon Books by Mo Willems

Poetry 5 Units

Read a range of humorous poems. Learn to use capital letters to start names and sentences. Explore how 'and' can be used; write sentences to express ideas creatively.

Humorous Poems: Express Ideas Creatively

Fiction 5 Units

Enjoy We’re Going on a Lion Hunt, Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain, and Handa’s Hen. Sequence, retell and then write own repeating pattern story.

Repeating Patterns: African Settings

Non-fiction 5 Units

This block is all about writing letters in different contexts. Children write requests and responses, explore sentence types, focus on punctuation: capitals and end of sentence.

Letters and Postcards: Letters in Different Contexts

Poetry 5 Units

Using poems on the theme of the senses. Children learn parts by heart and respond, focusing on interesting adjectives. Identify and create similes. Write own poems.

Poems on a Theme: Poems About the Senses

Fiction 5 Units

Humorous stories about animals, including The Day Louis Got Eaten and There’s a Lion in my Cornflakes stimulate reading and writing. Children generate oral and written descriptions and learn correct capitalisation.

Stories on a Theme: Funny Stories

Non-fiction 5 Units

Use non-fiction texts to research fun facts about nocturnal animals. Join clauses using ’and’, rehearse sentence punctuation, prepare presentations and produce books on a chosen creature.

Information Texts: Night-Time Animals