Year 1 English

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The KS1 National Curriculum content for Year 1 is arranged in a mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry blocks focusing on different text types. Blocks are divided into units, each of which covers objectives across the Year 1 English curriculum, with an emphasis on introducing the core text, comprehension, composition or SPAG.

Summer Blocks

Fiction 5 Units

Superheroes All Sorts, Super Daisy, Superhero ABC will inspire your class to read and write! Study antonyms and punctuation while producing comic strips based on invented superheroes.

Stories on a Theme: Superheroes

Non-fiction 5 Units

Read gorgeous books about tigers, whales, sharks and polar bears. Understand differences between fiction and non-fiction, read, answer and write questions and produce factual texts.

Information Texts: Comparing Non-fiction and Fiction

Poetry 5 Units

Read, discuss and recite nature poems. Study sentence punctuation including questions & answers, and adjectives. Build descriptive vocabulary and use senses to write poems.

Poems on a Theme: Nature Poems

Fiction 5 Units

Explore Cinderella, Snow White and the Billy Goats Gruff. Tell new versions inspired by Snow White in New York by Fiona French. Study adjectives and punctuation.

Traditional Tales and Fables: Fairy Tales

Non-fiction 5 Units

Read and write letters inspired by Simon James’s Dear Greenpeace and Hamilton's Group Reader, Boris and Sid Meet a Shark. Explore sentence punctuation and extension.

Letters and Postcards: Letters: Dear Greenpeace

Poetry 5 Units

Have fun with traditional action rhymes, rounds, songs and nursery rhymes. Explore verbs and sentence punctuation. Improvise dramas based on nursery rhymes; write in role.

Classic Poems: Traditional Poems

Fiction 5 Units

The engaging Max stories by Ed Vere form the backbone of a block focused on reading for understanding and stimulating creative writing. Write character profiles, describe bad dreams and sequence narratives.

Modern Fiction: Ed Vere Stories

Non-fiction 5 Units

Read and choose favourite recipes, discover interesting facts and write question-and-answer information texts about food. Read and write questions and statements and produce recipes.

Information Texts: Questions and answers about food

Poetry 5 Units

This great poetry collection stimulates writing, reading, discussion. Learn about rhyme, descriptive language (noun phrases) and verbs as we enjoy traditional rhymes and use wonderful poems as inspiration for writing.

Anthologies: Fantastic First Poems