We are hearing this question frequently. Teachers want to use Hamilton's planning with its comprehensive range of resources (practice sheets, mastery questions, problem-sovling, slide presentations and more) to complement their maths schemes, whether White Rose or any other. Happily the answer is an emphatic YES! Read more
New for this term, Hamilton are providing maths presentations that reduce the time (and pain) of lesson preparation. These are in addition to the presentations we provide to complement English, science and topic planning materials. If you wonder how to integrate these into your own interactive whlte board software Read more
This is a question we get asked quite often, and it’s a tricky one. To start, let’s reframe the question. For Hamilton, the key is not about having answers or even model answers for investigations; rather, it is about how you as a teacher can best assess children’s mathematical investigative learning. Read more
How can you recognise when children are suffering from important mathematical misconceptions? How can you preempt or teach away from these? What shortcuts should you avoid now so as not to have to unpick misconceptions later? What is the key vocabulary that will help children stay on track? Read more
Professor Ruth Merttens' Mastery, Pedagogy and Blocking seminars will continue this Autumn Term. We have brand NEW dates for this new training opportunity covering pedagogy for mastery, a blocked curriculum and their upsides and downsides. Read more
Do you have children in your class that are not able to do the activities for children ‘Working towards ARE’? Or maybe they can do the activities in some lessons, but not others. They might be awesome at shape, but really struggle with calculation. But you’re told you’ve got to keep the class together, right? Read more
Whether you are new to Hamilton or an old hand, there is still lots to discover. Users tell us that they would like guidelines to help them find the hidden treasures. These might be maths Extra Support, Group Readers to use in English lessons or writing opportunities in science. Our welcome pages will help you explore. Read more
We are delighted that you are considering using the Hamilton plans. There are LOTS of free plans and teaching resources on the site for you to see and use before signing up. You can preview English, maths, science and topics materials across all age ranges. We think you’ll love them! Read more
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