Mastery: a proper working definition. What does mastery mean? How do we know where children are on their journey towards it? What aspects of understanding enable children to get to mastery? It's not as simple as being able to mimic a particular procedure; there are both skills and metaskills involved. Read more
Are you thinking about maths mastery? Are you talking about using a blocked curriculum for your maths teaching. Are you confused about how to do this with Hamilton plans? Don't worry. You can continue to use Hamilton maths plans and teach in blocks for mastery. Mastery is not new to Hamilton - and we can help your children achieve it. Read more
Each week, inevitably, there are some children who are unable to succeed on the age-related expected objectives. So, Hamilton is providing two extra support activities a week for every whole year group. These can be done by a TA with a small group of children. Read more
Target Tracker is now compatible with Hamilton plans. Hamilton's maths and English objectives are more nuanced and fine-grained than the broad National Curriculum for England's objectives. Now you can apply your judgements of mastery on Hamilton's objectives straight into Target Tracker. Read more
'Together, we make writing ridiculously exciting!' Now the Pobble promise includes Hamilton too. You can find Hamilton English plans and topic sessions on Pobble's writing website, where you can upload examples of your children's writing to share with parents and other teachers in your school and beyond. Read more
If you use Hamilton as a member of a subscribing school, now would be the perfect time to check that your school access will take you through the summer. Ensure that once you have enjoyed your summer break, you are able to start planning with all of Hamilton's old and new resources. Read more
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