Hamilton’s new flexible maths blocks allow you to tailor your teaching to suit the specific needs of your class. Now we have the same for ENGLISH with integrated and linked SPAG and a balance between all aspect of English pedagogy. Choose your text, select your focus and Save Your Sundays! Read more
Have you seen Hamilton's new Flexible Maths Blocks? Now you can Tailor Your Teaching using shorter blocks to avoid the increasingly well-evidenced disadvantages of long blocks and ensure that your maths lessons are pedagogically progressive. Choose your units with confidence! Read more
Hamilton's new maths blocks preserve our rigorous pedagogy, progression and consistent development of models, but they also enable teachers to teach in long or short blocks as suits their class. Being subdivided into stand-alone units, these blocks can be used with any blocking scheme. Read more
Hamilton now has two different sets of maths planning materials. Our Weekly Plans continue to be reliable, pedagogically sound sequences of lessons. Our equally authoritative new Flexible Blocks present maths planning in a blocked framework so you can tailor your teaching to your children. Read more
Professor Ruth Merttens' Mastery, Pedagogy and Blocking seminars will continue into the Autumn Term. We have brand NEW dates for this new training opportunity covering pedagogy for mastery, a blocked curriculum and their upsides and downsides. Read more
Hamilton's latest newsletter is all about Hamilton's new flexible English planning. Hamilton’s flexible maths blocks allow you to tailor your teaching to suit the specific needs of your class, and now we have ENGLISH blocks that provide great flexibility while saving teachers' Sundays. Read more
Whether you are new to Hamilton or an old hand, there is still lots to discover. Users tell us that not everyone finds all the materials that would help them in their classrooms. These might be maths Extra Support, Group Readers, or writing opportunities in science. Our welcome pages will help you explore. Read more
We are delighted that you are considering using the Hamilton plans. There are LOTS of free plans and teaching resources on the site for you to see and use before signing up. You can preview English, maths, science and topics materials across all age ranges. We think you’ll love them! Read more
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