Hamilton provide 27 days' of revision materials for Year 6 maths SATs. In order to take advantage of this material and give you children the best preparation possible, you need to teach some Spring Term material at the end of Autumn Term, and start revision teaching before the Easter holidays. Read more
Hamilton provide a term's worth of Harry Potter themed revision for Year 6 English that is fun, engaging, contextually rich and comprehensive; it covers all of the SPAG required with slide presentations for easy review. Your class will enjoy their SATs preparation, which wlll be better for them as people, learners and test-takers! Read more
In 2018-19, in order to get through all of the curriculum in time for SATs, you will need to start Summer Term teaching at the end of Spring Term. Check now to see if you are on target to get through enough material in the Autumn to get ahead in Spring. You may want to pull one week of Spring teaching into December. Read more
We are hearing this question frequently. Teachers want to use Hamilton's planning with its comprehensive range of resources (practice sheets, mastery questions, problem-sovling, slide presentations and more) to complement their maths schemes, whether White Rose or any other. Happily the answer is an emphatic YES! Read more
New for this term, Hamilton are providing maths presentations that reduce the time (and pain) of lesson preparation. These are in addition to the presentations we provide to complement English, science and topic planning materials. If you wonder how to integrate these into your own interactive whlte board software Read more
This is a question we get asked quite often, and it’s a tricky one. To start, let’s reframe the question. For Hamilton, the key is not about having answers or even model answers for investigations; rather, it is about how you as a teacher can best assess children’s mathematical investigative learning. Read more
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