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  • Spend time with Year 6 this term revising maths units before their SATs. Revision for Year 6 SATs will be driven by the specific needs of your class. We provide 'Menu A' and 'Menu B' of Revision units for you to choose from, available in both the spring and summer terms. Our 'SHORT BLOCKS' provide the same menus of revision teaching.

  • For this year's 80th anniversary of D-Day, research the events leading up to, and involved in, the end of the war. Learn about the D-Day landings, the role of the French Resistance including women in the Resistance. Learn about the surrender of countries, the Battle of Berlin and death of Hitler. Consider the Paris Peace Treaties of 1947 and make a peace dove as part of a class reflection. Finally, plan a street party in the style of those that took place on VE day. 'Coming to an End' is the final block in our FREE World War 2 Topic for UKS2.

  • Teach and revise a selection of maths units with your Year 2 class. This block includes a Year 2 revision assessment.

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