Year 2/3 Mixed Age English Planning

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Autumn Blocks

Fiction 4 Units

Explore features of traditional tales and answer comprehension questions using A Year Full of Stories and Starbird. Investigate different forms of the past tense and learn to wrote expanded noun phrases. Plan and write your own stories featuring a 'star creature' and different story locations.

Traditional Tales: Around the World

Non-fiction 4 Units

Enjoy two books featuring the 1969 moon landings, The Sea of Tranquility by Mark Haddon and The Darkest Dark by astronaut Chris Hadfield. Compose chronological reports about Apollo 11's mission. Plan and write recounts and fact files about dream jobs. Explore subordinating conjunctions and common prefixes.

Recounts: Space Travellers

Poetry 4 Units

Enjoy poems about places by Joseph Coelho and others. Learn to recognise and use onomatopoeia and rhyme. Explore the use of expanded noun phrases and possessive apostrophes. Write descriptively about a familiar setting with a magical element.

Poems by the Same Poet: Our Tower

Fiction 4 Units

Enjoy using The Night Gardener as inspiration for descriptive writing. Create instructions for planting seeds based on The Girl Who Planted Trees. Explore past and present tense and learn about contractions and possessive apostrophes. Share The Woman Who Turned Children Into Birds and write an imaginative recount of a day as a bird.

Stories on a Theme: Nature

Non-fiction 4 Units

Think like a scientist with this exciting block focusing on instructions and explanations. Meet Ada Twist, Scientist, and follow her lead by carrying out an experiment, writing instructions for others and explaining how things work. Learn about sentence types and conjunctions along the way.

Instructions and Explanations: Ada Twist, Scientist

Poetry 4 Units

Explore a selection of poems from the wonderful collection, The Proper Way to Meet a Hedgehog. Study poetic form and devices and create new poems inspired by those read. Grammar includes extending sentences and understanding and punctuating different types of sentence.

Poems on a Theme: How to Poems