Reception/Year 1 Mixed Age English Planning

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Autumn Set A Blocks

2 Units

Read Jill Murphy's Five Minutes' Peace, Mo Willems' Knuffle Bunny and Group Reader Boris and Sid Make a Mess, inspiring children to write a familiar settings story.

Labels and Captions: Families and Me

3 Units

Have fun with repeating patterns in We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Little Rabbit Foo Foo, Mrs Armitage on Wheels and Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road. Explore repeated refrains while developing sentence writing and punctuation skills.

Repetition in Stories: Repeating Patterns

3 Units

Explore differences between fiction and non-fiction using fantastic books about machines and space. Use features of information texts. Sequence and punctuate sentences; revise plural nouns.

Story Sequence and Captions: Big Machines and Space

3 Units

Using humorous texts, You Can’t Take an Elephant on a Bus and What you shouldn't do before school, study different sentence types; punctuate correctly. Focus on commands and ‘bossy’ language. Write commands.

Imperatives, Polite Requests and Recipes: Instructions and Commands

3 Units

Spark imaginations with Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis and Billy’s Bucket by Kes Gray and Garry Parsons. Explore sentence building and punctuation, writing labels and signs.

Significant Authors: Reimagining the ordinary

3 Units

Identify and match rhyming pairs, as well as compose rhyming sentences, using Oi Frog! & Oi Dog! for inspiration. Explore the use of syllables and the prefix un-.

Funny Poems: Humorous poems

3 Units

Pattern and rhyme help children memorise and write poetry. Develop comprehension skills, rehearse end of sentence punctuation and practise using present and past tense verbs.

Traditional Rhymes: Pattern and Rhyme in Poetry

2 Units

Get creative with descriptive words while learning about Diwali and Firework Night inspired by the texts Rama and Sita and Let's celebrate 5 days of Diwali. Have fun sharing Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present to inspire children to talk about their Christmas and Winter Traditions, as well as to write their own thank you letters to Santa.

Description, Letters and Greetings: Winter Lights and Christmas