Reception/Year 1 Mixed Age English Planning

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Summer Set A Blocks

3 Units

Explore Cinderella, Snow White and the Billy Goats Gruff. Tell new versions inspired by Snow White in New York by Fiona French. Study adjectives and punctuation.

Traditional Tales and Fables: Fairy Tales

3 Units

Have fun with traditional action rhymes, rounds, songs and nursery rhymes. Enjoy developing performance skills, exploring homophones and writing letters.

Traditional Poems: Timeless Rhymes and Poems

3 Units

Enter the world of superheroes by sharing the books Superheroes All Sorts and Super Daisy. Spark imagination by describing superheroes and their powers. Learn about plurals and suffixes to help write a superhero description.

Stories on a Theme: Superheroes

3 Units

Discover interesting facts from Questions and Answers about Food and Yuck and Yum. Read and write questions, answers and statements. Explore imperative verbs used in Animal Recipes and create a recipe.

Information Texts: Food, Glorious Food!

3 Units

Read gorgeous books about tigers, whales, sharks and polar bears. Understand differences between fiction and non-fiction, read, answer and write questions and produce factual texts.

Compare Fiction and Non-fiction Texts: My World

3 Units

Stimulate creative writing through imagination and dreams using Through the Magic Mirror, Chicken's Bad Dream and Peep Inside Night-time. Practise joining clauses by writing character profiles and describing bad dreams.

Stories to Make you Look, Think and Talk: Imagination and Dreams

3 Units

Explore the senses through poetry by reading Sensational! Poems inspired by the five senses and They All Saw a Cat. Children learn parts by heart, focusing on interesting adjectives, and write their own poems.

Poems on a Theme: Sense of Humour

2 Units

Read and write letters and postcards inspired by Dear Greenpeace and Boris and Sid meet a shark. Explore sentence punctuation and extension.

Letters and Postcards: Dear Greenpeace