English Reception/Year 1 Autumn Imperatives, Polite Requests and Recipes

Instructions and Commands

Teach the children, then some may enjoy Exploring and Playing while you lead Group Learning.

Commands (suggested as 5 days)

Exploring and Playing

  1. Simon Says
  2. Role play home
  3. Animals and transport
  4. Maths ordering

You Will Need

Essential texts
You Can’t Take an Elephant on a Bus by Patricia Cleveland

Group Readers
What you shouldn’t do before school by Ruth Merttens

Group Readers

What You Shouldn't Do Before School
What you Shouldn’t Do Before School, by Ruth Merttens, is funny account of all the things you shouldn’t do when getting ready for school. Children will enjoy the humour and apt illustrations, as well as relating to the mischief!

You can purchase printed copies of this Group Reader from Hamilton Education.