Year 3 English

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LOCKDOWN ONE STOP PLANNING - Personalised materials for children at home plus linked planning and activities for teaching vulnerable children in class.

Click on a Unit to see Back to Lockdown on the second card. Download Route Map to sort out a short personal video to kick-start the work at home for 2/3 days. Then upload the Home Pack to your school website. Then use the same Planning and Activities for your in-class work.

Spring Blocks

2 Units

Using The Promise and Secret Sky Garden, match colours to feelings to create a growth mindset. Plant seeds, create drama, characters and art based on the Blue Horse of Franz Marc.

Wellbeing: Feeling and Growing

Fiction 5 Units

Through Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox, children explore plot, character and tension. They learn about direct speech and tense, and write their own exciting stories.

Classic Fiction: Fantastic Mr Fox

Non-fiction 5 Units

Read reports about Harry Potter studio tours. Understand features of reports; study conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs. Look at Hogwarts students’ school reports.

Reports: Harry Potter and Hogwarts

Poetry 6 Units

Listen to performance poems and explore their features. Use conjunctions indicating time and cause. Investigate negative prefixes, informal language and rhymes. Write a rap.

Performance Poetry: Performance Poems

Fiction 5 Units

Explore Arthurian legends through Marcia Williams’s King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Study nouns and pronouns for clarity and cohesion and direct speech.

Myths and Legends: Arthurian Legends

Non-fiction 5 Units

Through The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish and The Diary of a Killer Cat, explore and write recounts. Study adverbs for time and place and direct speech.

Recounts: Diaries and Recounts

Poetry 5 Units

Express emotion with Michael Rosen’s A to Z. Explore, write and perform emotional poetry. Revise verbs (including irregular verbs), simple past tense and present perfect form.

Poems on a Theme: Poetry to Express Emotion

Fiction 5 Units

Explore, read and write myths with The Orchard Book of Greek Myths (Geraldine McCaughrean) and Greek Myths (Marcia Williams). Practise dialogue punctuation and use conjunctions.

Myths and Legends: Greek Myths

Non-fiction 4 Units

Inspire writing in this hands-on block with the beautiful Ink Garden of Brother Theophane, learn about illuminated manuscripts and making dyes. Study conjunctions and prepositions.

Instructions and Explanations: The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane

Poetry 4 Units

This wonderful collection loses nothing of its power to excite, enthuse and inspire. Immerse your class in these classic, timeless poems. Study verbs/tense and extend sentences.

Classic Poems: A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson