Year 3 English

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Autumn Blocks

Fiction 4 Units

Read I'll Take You to Mrs Cole and other stories by Michael Foreman. Write a new version. Study dialogue, verbs, and conjunctions for time, place, cause.

Stories by the Same Author: Stories by Michael Foreman

Non-fiction 4 Units

Read Escape to Pompeii by Christina Balit & The Roman Record by Paul Dowswell. Research, take notes & write newspaper recounts. Study the perfect form & adverbs for time & place.

Recounts: Newspaper Recounts

Poetry 4 Units

Read poems, exploring images created through language. Write and perform image poetry about animals and weather. Study noun phrases, prepositions for time, place, cause.

Poetic Language: Animals and Weather

Fiction 5 Units

Explore myths using Marcia Williams’ The Romans: Gods, Emperors & Dormice and Group Reader Romulus and Remus. Study dialogue punctuation, conjunctions and word classes.

Myths and Legends: Roman Myths

Non-fiction 5 Units

Using game shows and quizzes children identify the differences between instructions and explanations. Add information about time, place and cause to write clear instructions.

Instructions and Explanations: Game Shows and Quizzes

Poetry 5 Units

Enjoy reading and writing humorous poems about teachers and school life. Study the use of powerful verbs, adverbs and prepositions to create impact.

Humorous Poems: School Poems

Fiction 6 Units

Read traditional Indian tales in Madhur Jaffrey’s Seasons of Splendour. Analyse, compare and write own versions. Grammar covers conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs.

Traditional Tales and Fables: Tales from India

Non-fiction 5 Units

Spark curiosities with DK Children’s Book of Sport. Explore, read and write about a huge range of sports. Revise word classes and extend sentences with conjunctions.

Reports: Non-chronological Reports: Sports

Poetry 5 Units

Get festive with Let’s Celebrate! (Debjani Chatterjee & Brian D’arcy). Explore, write and perform celebration poetry. Revise word classes and prepositions for time, place, cause.

Poems on a Theme: Festival Poems from Around the World

2 Units

Using The Promise and Secret Sky Garden, match colours to feelings to create a growth mindset. Plant seeds, create drama, characters and art based on the Blue Horse of Franz Marc.

Wellbeing: Feeling and Growing