Year 1/2 English

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Spring Blocks

Fiction 4 Units

Explore the classic stories of Beatrix Potter. Compare stories and write imaginatively in response. Learn about verb tenses and revise sentence punctuation. Sequence events from Two Bad Mice and plan and write a version of their own.

Classic Fiction: Beatrix Potter

Non-fiction 4 Units

Identify features of non-fiction texts and find out information about incredible creatures. Revise sentence types and use subordinating conjunctions to add information. Research, draft, write and edit a blog post.

Information Texts: Incredible Creatures

Poetry 4 Units

Explore the sights, sounds, smells and rhythms of the Caribbean through the wonderful poetry in A Caribbean Dozen. Grammar includes adding suffixes and writing descriptively using adjectives and adverbs. Be inspired to write a poem about a pet and an autobiography!

Poems on a Theme: Caribbean Poetry

Fiction 4 Units

Enjoy three delightful picture books, The Invisible, The Night Gardener and Last Stop on Market Street. Learn spelling rules for adding prefixes and suffixes. Be inspired to write a story using vivid descriptive language.

Modern Fiction: Contemporary Picture Books

Non-fiction 4 Units

Starting with Emily Gravett's beautiful books, Tidy and Too Much Stuff, explore instructional language and write instructions for improving the classroom and school environment. Study sentence types and verb tenses.

Instructions: Cleaner World

Poetry 4 Units

Read and respond to a selection of poems about houses and homes. Use adjectives and adverbs to enhance description and suffixes to create rhymes for poems about monsters. Write poetry about a dream home.

Poems on a Theme: Homes and Houses