Year 4/5 Mixed Age English Planning

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Autumn Blocks

Fiction 4 Units

The wonderful World of Varjak Paw, from the noisy bustling city to the warm and peaceful dreamland of Mesopotamia, is explored through shared reading and close analysis of extracts from the novel. Learn about dialogue and relative clauses.

Adventure Stories: Adventure stories : Varjak Paw

Non-fiction 4 Units

Capture your class’s imagination with the entertaining and fascinating You Are History: From the Alarm Clock to the Toilet, the Amazing History of the Things You Use Every Day by Greg Jenner. Investigate expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. Write reports for a new book, We are History.

Reports: You Are History

Poetry 4 Units

Enthuse your class with the poetry of A.F. Harrold, by watching, exploring and performing a range of his poems from Things You Find in a Poet’s Beard. Investigate nouns, pronouns and relative clauses, and apply their learning to writing poems and stories.

Poems by the Same Poet: A.F. Harrold

Fiction 4 Units

Enjoy sharing short stories from Joyful, Joyful: Stories Celebrating Black Voices, curated by Dapo Adeola. Analyse openings, investigate language use and plot a short story on a mountain diagram. Practise dialogue punctuation and using modal verbs. Write and publish a class book of short stories inspired by Chasing Joy.

Short Stories: Joyful, joyful

Non-fiction 4 Units

Explore and discuss the features of the graphic novel Saving Sorya: Chang and the Sun Bear by Trang Nguyen. Learn how to compose and use expanded noun phrases and adverbials for cohesion. Have fun role-playing an interview with a journalist and writing a personal recount in the role of Chang.

Recounts: Saving Sorya

Poetry 4 Units

Enjoy sharing and discussing a range of humorous poems including riddles, limericks and poems. Learn to recognise and use adverbials and homophones. Investigate poetic form and key features. Plan, write and perform your own poems.

Humorous Poems: Humorous Poems