Year 3/4 English

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Summer Blocks

Fiction 4 Units

Follow the fantastical adventures in the stunning books The Antlered Ship and The Barnabus Project. Grammar includes adverbials and verb tenses. Write a new adventure for the characters in a story sequel.

Fantasy: Amazing Adventures

Non-fiction 4 Units

Introduce explanation texts using the entertaining Until I met Dudley. Use conjunctions to extend sentences and nouns and pronouns to write cohesively. Design and invent a new machine and clearly explain its purpose.

Explanations: Modern Technology

Poetry 4 Units

Enjoy a selection of poems from Valerie Bloom's Stars with Flaming Tails. Revise prepositions and expanded noun phrases before writing a tribute poem as a gift to someone special.

Poems by the Same Poet: Valerie Bloom

Fiction 4 Units

Enjoy reading Dick King-Smith's humorous tale of a mischievous parrot. Study formal language and Americanisms and learn from the author's use of dialogue to build character. Use fronted adverbials to build tension as you write your own animal story inspired by Harry's Mad.

Classic Fiction: Harry's Mad

Non-fiction 4 Units

Read and discuss a selection of information texts about transport. Revise organisational devices and adverbials and use these to create an information brochure for a futuristic 'clean' mode of transport.

Information Texts: Transport

Poetry 4 Units

Explore a range of classic poems enjoying their rhyme and humour. Write seaside sound poems, list and recipe poems. Role-play characters from a poem, creating dialogue and writing playscripts.

Classic Poems: Fun with Sounds and Images