Year 3/4 Mixed Age English Planning

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Autumn Set A Blocks

Fiction 4 Units

Using two wonderful texts The Blue House and I'll Take You to Mrs Cole, explore settings and how characters feel about home. Focus on prepositions and punctuating dialogue applying this to their own story based on those read.

Stories on a Theme: Feeling at Home

Non-fiction 4 Units

A fun block drawing on dance crazes, cures from Horrible Histories, happy minds and active bodies. Explore paragraphs and headings, possessive apostrophes and commas. Write instructions and letters of explanation.

Instructions and Explanations: Keeping Healthy

Poetry 4 Units

Starting with Grace Nichols' Paint me a Poem, find poetic inspiration in art. Use prepositions and adverbs to write descriptively and practise punctuating dialogue. Celebrate creativity in a class exhibition inspired by Lubaina Himid.

Poems on a Theme: Poetry from Art

Fiction 4 Units

The beautiful book The Wolf's Secret, a new story in the traditional style, is the starting point for this block. Focus on the plot, rich language, design and layout alongside learning about adverbials and the present perfect form.

Traditional Tales: The Wolf's Secret

Non-fiction 4 Units

A topical block focusing on the depletion of species in the UK and around the world. Using Last by Nicola Davies as a starting point, build noun phrases and use paragraphs to organise texts. Produce infographics and letters.

Reports: Saving Species

Poetry 4 Units

Enjoy Michael Rosen's poetry, looking at narrative and rhyming poems. Revise speech punctuation and add detail using conjunctions of time and cause. Write rhyming poems and use poems read as inspiration for story-writing.

Poems by the Same Poet: Michael Rosen