Year 5 English

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LOCKDOWN ONE STOP PLANNING - Personalised materials for children at home plus linked planning and activities for teaching vulnerable children in class.

Click on a Unit to see Back to Lockdown on the second card. Download Route Map to sort out a short personal video to kick-start the work at home for 2/3 days. Then upload the Home Pack to your school website. Then use the same Planning and Activities for your in-class work.

Spring Blocks

2 Units

The What Do You Do with an Idea story and Save-the-Children’s global children’s poem stimulate art, drama, writing. Humorous poems reflecting lockdown experiences help children explore their own.

Wellbeing: Ideas, weird and wonderful!

Fiction 5 Units

Study genre of short stories using Short! by Crossley-Holland. Investigate adverbials and develop use of perfect form to indicate time/cause. Write predictions and short stories.

Short Stories: Spooky Short Stories

Non-fiction 5 Units

Look at remarkable facts, common beliefs and reference texts. Learn whether you should believe – or not! Study modal verbs/adverbs and relative clauses.

Information Texts: Reference Texts

Poetry 5 Units

Using the classic Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, develop children’s mastery of descriptive language, teach relative clauses and parenthesis and write own poems.

Poems on a Theme: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

Fiction 5 Units

Read and write stories set in faraway places using Cloud Tea Monkeys and Mysterious Traveller. Study relative clauses and expanded noun phrases for concise writing.

Stories on a Theme: Faraway Places

Non-fiction 5 Units

Use Tuesday by David Wiesner to study reports. Write speech, playscripts, speech bubbles, direct and reported speech. Use modal verbs; learn about cohesion. Write newspaper reports.

Recounts: Reports and Journalism

Poetry 5 Units

Meet Joseph Coelho! Read, watch and discuss his work (in Werewolf Club Rules). Write and perform poetry. Revise noun phrases, and brackets, dashes and commas.

Poems by the Same Poet: Joseph Coelho

Fiction 6 Units

Choose from Romeo & Juliet, The Tempest, Macbeth for an in-depth study. Relative clauses & prefixes/suffixes in context of Shakespeare’s new words. Write and perform playscripts. Also in Y6 Autumn.

Classic Plays: Shakespeare

Non-fiction 5 Units

School uniform, detentions, mobile phones or screen time - there’s always an argument! This block lays the groundwork for effective argument and persuasion, written and spoken. Plus grammar: cohesion, paragraphs, commas.

Argument and Debate: Argument and Debate