Year 5 English

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We’ve been busy spring cleaning our poetry blocks.

Our revised summer poetry blocks should be on the site in May, the autumn ones in July, and the spring ones in September.

Summer Blocks

Fiction 6 Units

Inspirational short stories from Shaun Tan, guaranteed to stimulate amazing work. Explore use of modal verbs, parenthesis and dialogue. Write a short story in Shaun Tan-style.

Fantasy: Fantasy Stories by Shaun Tan

Non-fiction 5 Units

Explore persuasive letters, adverts, protest songs and speeches. Study the impact of modal verbs and cohesion through adverbs and conjunctions. Deliver persuasive speeches.

Persuasive Writing: Persuasion and Argument

Fiction 6 Units

Michael Morpurgo's Kensuke's Kingdom provides inspiration for developing higher level language skills and for cohesion within and between paragraphs, modal verbs/adverbs and commas.

Modern Fiction: Kensuke's Kingdom

Non-fiction 5 Units

Research information about video games and board games. Examine the features of reports before writing your own. Learn how cohesive devices and parenthesis can be used to improve your report writing.

Reports: Games

Fiction 5 Units

Become immersed in the world of The Hobbit, investigating settings, characters and narrative style. Write a 'Lost Tale'. Study relative clauses and expanded noun phrases.

Classic Fiction: The Hobbit

Non-fiction 5 Units

Delve into letter-writing, revising conventions, purpose, and register, and analyse fascinating historical texts. Write fan letters, tactful RSVPs and job applications. Study modal verbs, commas, colons and bullet points.

Letters: Historical and Modern Letters

1 Unit

Listen to a variety of inspirational songs, from Blue Moon to A Wonderful World and explore change through historical protest songs. Paint the moon, make friendship bracelets, create tissue-paper art and identify favourite songs.

Wellbeing: Wonderful World

2 Units

Two weeks’ work, focussed on key skills, NO printing required – all do-able by children at home with just a screen. Starts with a fun day; all you need if your class is self-isolating.

Local Lockdown: 2 week lockdown pack