Year 5 English

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Autumn Blocks

Fiction 5 Units

Through Chris Riddell’s Goth Girl, explore how atmosphere, settings & characters are created. Study adverbs of possibility, commas, relative clauses, dialogue punctuation.

Gothic Fiction: Goth Girl

Non-fiction 5 Units

Three amazing texts stimulate children’s reading, writing and discussion of first animal, then human, migration. Writing cohesively and using parentheses form the SPaG element, but children’s own creative work will make this block truly exciting.

Reports and Recounts: Migration

Poetry 4 Units

Make the ordinary extraordinary! Enjoy modern & classic poems. Explore apt word choices & imagery (simile, metaphor, personification), expanded noun phrases & relative clauses.

Poetic Language: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary!

Fiction 6 Units

Explore the charm and challenge of classic fiction with Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book and Just So Stories. Study dialogue punctuation, relative clauses and commas.

Classic Fiction: Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Non-fiction 4 Units

Explore instructions and explanations with hover boards, doggie umbrellas & new-fangled escalators. Study the grammar of cohesion and create guides for futuristic travel.

Instructions and Explanations: Changing Technology

Poetry 6 Units

Read/memorise poems from I Like This Poem (Kaye Webb) chosen by children. Gather favourites in an anthology; write their own. Use modal verbs and parenthesis.

Anthologies: I Like This Poem

Fiction 5 Units

Using The Hole, by Oyvind Torseter, children ask and answer questions and use inference skills to speculate about events. Children write their own version or a sequel based on the book.

Modern Fiction: The Hole by Øyvind Torster

Non-fiction 5 Units

Explore exciting destinations through a range of travel writing. Revise pronouns, learn about relative clauses & punctuation, including uses of commas. Write own travel recount.

Blogs and Reports: Travel Writing

Poetry 5 Units

Lewis Carroll's Walrus and the Carpenter and Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Tales stimulate performance, debate, persuasive writing and poetry writing. Revise adverbs and modal verbs.

Classic Poems: Narrative Poems

Non-fiction 5 Units

Word classes, noun phrases, fronted adverbials and paragraphs are taught within the context of writing recounts and newspaper reports about UFO accounts.

Recounts: UFOs and Aliens

2 Units

The What Do You Do with an Idea story and Save-the-Children’s global children’s poem stimulate art, drama, writing. Humorous poems reflecting lockdown experiences help children explore their own.

Wellbeing: Ideas, weird and wonderful!