Year 2 English

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The KS1 National Curriculum content for Year 2 is arranged in a mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry blocks focusing on different text types. Blocks are divided into units, each of which covers objectives across the Year 2 English curriculum, with an emphasis on introducing the core text, comprehension, composition or SPAG.

Summer Blocks

Fiction 5 Units

Explore quest stories through Lost and Found and The Way Back Home, by Oliver Jeffers. Study sentence types and experiment with tense. Write and perform your own quest stories.

Fantasy: Quest Stories

Non-fiction 5 Units

Using Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, explore differences between fiction and non-fiction. Research and create fact files using noun phrases. Study sentence types.

Information Texts: Dinosaurs

Poetry 5 Units

Using McGough's Happy Poems, children read and write poems about pets, treasures and magic pebbles. Grammar includes apostrophes and features of written standard English.

Poems on a Theme: Happy Poems

Fiction 5 Units

Anthony Browne’s books epitomise creativity and quirkiness and will stimulate higher level writing, reading and comprehension skills. Study noun phrases and conjunctions.

Stories by the Same Author: Stories by Anthony Browne

Non-fiction 5 Units

Inspire children to write creative recounts by reading great imaginative texts, including The Velveteen Rabbit. Grammar includes subordinate clauses, present and past progressive verbs.

Recounts: Reading and Writing Recounts

Poetry 5 Units

Using a wide range of poems about birds, look at poetic language and imagery. Learn favourite poems off by heart. Study noun phrases; use correct punctuation in writing about poems.

Poetic Language: Really Looking at Birds

Fiction 5 Units

Explore wonderful stories about Clarice Bean and her fantastic family. Practise using commas in lists and punctuating speech. Write letters in character and write and publish a story in the style of Lauren Child.

Stories by the Same Author: Lauren Child