Year 2 English

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Spring Blocks

Fiction 5 Units

Explore three stories – Fox, The Tin Forest, Whales’ Song – set in wild places and write your own. Study noun phrases and conjunctions of subordination and coordination.

Stories on a Theme: Stories about the Wild

Non-fiction 5 Units

Read Follow the Moon Home and a book of Sea Creatures. Pick a sea creature to describe. Read biographies of Jacques Cousteau and write about the diver’s life.

Information Texts: Follow the Moon Home

Poetry 5 Units

Using Poems about Monsters, children enjoy reading, discussing and writing poems about monsters. Revise grammatical terminology and expand noun phrases.

Poems on a Theme: Monster Poems

Fiction 5 Units

Dragons are ancient & fascinating mythical creatures. Read, sequence, compare & review dragon stories; produce a version of Paper Bag Princess. Use noun phrases & conjunctions.

Fantasy: Stories about Dragons

Non-fiction 5 Units

Enjoy Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French. Explore conjunctions and the correct use of present and past tense. Write diary entries in role.

Recounts: Animal Diaries and Recounts

Poetry 5 Units

Explore different styles of poems using the fun topic of aliens. Revise adjectives, nouns, verbs and use suffixes to create nouns. Compare poems, write and perform their own poems.

Humorous Poems: Aliens Stole My Underpants

Fiction 5 Units

Read and listen to different versions of Baba Yaga and Hansel and Gretel. Identify different types of sentence and study subordination and coordination. Write a traditional tale.

Traditional Tales and Fables: Traditional Tales from Other Cultures

Non-fiction 5 Units

Using Instructions by Neil Gaiman, explore reading, giving, planning and writing instructions. Learn about different sentence types and revise sentence punctuation.

Instructions: Instructions by Neil Gaiman