Hamilton Science

Hamilton's science scheme uses hands-on investigative science activities to promote a deep understanding of scientific concepts and help children develop effective methods of scientific enquiry.

A complete scheme for teaching primary science

Why use Hamilton's Science Scheme?

Hamilton's science planning is arranged to take advantage of seasonal study opportunities and to ensure progression in scientific working skills, while covering the National Curriculum for England. Each year is comprised of 6 blocks of 6 sessions dedicated to one of the science areas and culminating in a meaningful outcome. Opportunities for children to meet the full range of scientific investigative approaches entail pattern seeking, exploring, problem solving, fair testing, and analysing secondary sources.

Mixed-Year Science
We also provide a targeted two-year rolling program for mixed-year classes in each key stage. The blocks are carefully devised to allow you to teach your whole class together with appropriate differentiation while covering a whole key stage's worth of objectives over the course of two years. See our special advice page for detailed guidance.

I have been amazed at the enthusiasm from the children and my support staff!! We’ve spent so much extra time on science as the lessons have been so engaging we’ve kept going!

Mrs Thornhill - Year 3/4 Teacher

Additional materials for teaching science

Individual and School Subscribers have access to some additional supporting material. See below to view samples and sign up to access documents, or subscribe your school to access documents for all year groups.

Supporting material samples

  • The year overview describes the key activities for each block throughout the year, specifies the science learning objectives for each block and highlights extended writing opportunities.

    Download Year Overview Sample →
  • Each block has its own overview that outlines the sessions, required resources and scientific working objectives, as well as other curriculum objectives covered.

    Download Block Overview Sample →
  • 'Key Concept' lists specify the key scientific concepts covered for key stage 1 blocks.

    Download Key Concept Example →
  • Specially commissioned 'Background Science' summaries are provided to enhance key stage 2 teachers' depth of knowledge.

    Download Background Science Sample →
  • Assessment grids enable teachers to monitor progress towards science curriculum objectives, including scientific working, as described in the National Curriculum for England as they teach each block.

    Download Assessment Grid Sample →