Hamilton Topics

Hamilton's cross-curricular topics provide extensive planning resources to facilitate teaching a range of subjects under specific historical, geographic or thematic umbrellas.

Cross-curricular topics

We have exciting topic planning and resources across all key stages:
Reception | Key Stage 1 | Lower Key Stage 2 | Upper Key Stage 2

High-quality topics for all parts of the curriculum

Hamilton's topics are written by teams of teachers and academics to ensure that they contain appropriate and engaging activities based on the latest research. Each block covers objectives in several subject areas from the National Curriculum for England, ranging across art and design, citizenship, computing, dance, design and technology, English, geography, history, maths, music, physical education, science and also personal, social and health education (PSHE).

Each topic includes:

  • Systematic coverage of an area of investigation, such as The Great Fire of London, Weather, Oceans and Seas, Early Islamic Civilisation, Rainforests or The Romans,
  • Coherent and self-contained blocks of teaching sessions that can be mixed and matched according to the time available and the interests of the teachers and pupils,
  • Meaningful connections between the blocks, such that they build into a significant body of material across a wide range of aspects of the topic area,
  • Key-stage appropriate pedagogy,
  • Outcomes designed to engage Reception, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 classes,
  • Coverage documents that specify targeted National Curriculum objectives, and
  • Complete sets of resources and background materials for teachers.

Your Great Fire of London topic is exciting, packed full of activities I know my children are going to love and hits so many objectives… and it was FREE! You've saved me a lot of time, but will also make my children's half term so enjoyable – thank you! Happy 2019 :)

Helen, South Wales

Hamilton does the tough preparatory work on behalf of teachers, including ensuring that the material incorporates the latest information, such as recent nomenclature, approaches and discoveries. We believe these are the highest quality cross-curricular topics available for teachers.

Additional support for topics

  • Hamilton's flexible topics can be taught fully throughout a term or in stand-alone blocks covering a particular aspect of a topic, or even as individual sessions.

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  • Topics present abundant opportunities for contextual maths. Have fun with maths outside of maths lessons and explore a cross-curricular topic at the same time.

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