Year 6 English

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Summer Blocks

1 Unit

This unit uses songs, old and new, that children may have listened to during lockdown. Through music and lyrics, art and drama, children explore feelings and safely express more negative emotions, ending on a note of hope and positivity.

Wellbeing: Feel Empowered

2 Units

Two weeks’ work, focussed on key skills, NO printing required – all do-able by children at home with just a screen. Starts with a fun day; all you need if your class is self-isolating.

Local Lockdown: 2 week lockdown pack

Poetry 3 Units

This block encourages reflection on the challenges children are facing. Listen to, read and write creatively about things to remember, letters to our future selves, inspirational stories and our hopes for the post-lockdown world.

Poetry: Reflections on the Lockdown

Fiction 2 Units

Take a trip down memory lane, reading and writing stories inspired by memories. Work towards creating an inspiring performance or presentation which will not leave a dry eye in the house!

Fiction for Transition: My Past, Present and Future

Non-fiction 3 Units

Inspire dreams, set goals and trigger change with this sophisticated block. Explore dreams and goals with You are Awesome, give presentations on climate change, and engage in politics, debating and writing to your MP with Usborne’s Politics for Beginners.

Non-fiction for Transition: Goals, Dreams and Change

Poetry 2 Units

In an art-infused block, read and write evocative poetry. Create still-life art and write observational poetry. Explore identity, creating self-portraits through images and words.

Poetry for Transition: You are Awesome