Short Blocks

Year 2 Progressive Maths

The National Curriculum content is arranged below in short mathematical category blocks. Blocks are divided into units, each comprising a set of specific skills within that category. Hamilton recommend this as a pedagogically progressive route through the longer blocks. Read why here, or just dive in to the first block below to get started.

You can navigate back to the weekly plans by selecting your year group on the red bar above or use the button on the right to find the longer flexible blocks.

In order to ensure that every part of the Year 2 content is covered before the statutory assessments in late May, there are nearly 13 weeks of teaching in the Autumn Term, 11 weeks in Spring and 4+ weeks before the SATs in Summer, plus some optional revision sessions. Each teacher will need to pace this teaching to suit their class and, crucially, their term dates. You may need to consider bringing some of the Spring Term teaching into Autumn. For more support in how to arrange this around different potential term structures, read more.

Autumn Blocks

Spring Blocks

Summer Blocks

Puzzles and Games

5 Puzzles and Games

Unit 10 days
  1. 1.  Maths games
  2. 2.  Number puzzles
  3. 3.  Logic and shape puzzles
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6 Investigations

Unit 5 days
  1. 1.  Problem solving and investigations
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Fractions and Time

7 Fractions and Time

Unit 4 days
  1. 1.  Fractions of amounts; count in fractions
  2. 2.  Tell digital and analogue time confidently
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8 Number

Unit 5 days
  1. 1.  2- & 3-digit numbers on line; round to 10
  2. 2.  Place value in 3-digit numbers
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