Short Blocks

Maths Year 2 Autumn Shape and Data (B)

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Tally charts, block graphs and pictograms (suggested as 2 days)

Planning and Activities

Day 1 Teaching
Display a picture of lots of different 2-D shapes. Discuss with children how we can identify and categorise these shapes and then represent how many there are of each type in a Block Graph. Demonstrate how to count the shapes and create a tally chart. Then model drawing the block graph.
Group Activities
Use the in-depth problem-solving investigation Sticky Data’ from NRICH as today’s group activity.
Or, use these activities:
-- Draw a block graph to show numbers of different types of 2-D shape.
-- Make statements about the data in a series of block graphs.

Day 2 Teaching
Show a picture of different capital letters. Discuss how we can identify different lines of symmetry in these. Come up with 4 categories. Create a tally chart to count the letters in each type and then model drawing a pictogram to represent this information.
Group Activities
-- Conduct a survey and create a pictogram for the data.
-- Use the data presented in a pictogram to create labels and a title, then make statements about the data.

You Will Need

  • ‘2-D shapes’ sheet (see resources)
  • Selection of 2-D shapes square, rectangle, different triangles, circle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon
  • Square pieces of paper
  • ‘Block graphs’ sheet (see resources)
  • ‘Capital letters’ sheets (see resources)
  • Additional activity sheets (see resources)
  • Biscuits/cut-outs & Blu-tack

Mental/Oral Maths Starters

Suggested for Day 1
Know number bonds to 10 (simmering skills)

Suggested for Day 2
Know number bonds to 10 (simmering skills)

Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving

  • Draw a block graph to show the numbers of vowels (A, E, I, O, U) in this sentence.
    The quick brown fox easily jumped over the lazy dogs.

  • This pictogram was drawn to represent the number of different colours of Smarties in a big tube (see download):
    a) How many orange Smarties are there?
    b) How many blue Smarties are there?
    c) How many more brown than pink Smarties are there?
    d) What is the difference between the numbers of green and red Smarties?
    e) How many Smarties are in the tube?

In-depth investigation: Sticky Data
Use sticky notes to create a block graph to represent your own enquiry. Sticky Data from

Extra Support

Ladybird Count
Support children beginning to use tally marks to record numbers to 10. Ladybird Count from