Year 5/6 Mixed Age English Planning

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Autumn Set A Blocks

Fiction 4 Units

Using The Proudest Blue and The Boy at the Back of the Class, explore the theme of difference. Use noun phrases to write evocatively. Write formal and informal letters before planning and writing a story on this theme.

Stories on a Theme: Difference

Non-fiction 4 Units

Starting with the excellent Undefeated explore the biographies of black sports people, activists and authors. Learn about cohesion and explore the subjunctive in formal writing before studying Coming to England and writing a short biography of Floella Benjamin.

Biographies: The Undefeated

Poetry 4 Units

Read and enjoy a selection of poems from this wonderful anthology. Focus on poetic features and language, looking at their effects on the reader. Explore synonyms and antonyms using dictionaries and thesauruses. Express ideas and thoughts creatively in their own poetry.

Poems on a Theme: Poems from a Green and Blue Planet

Fiction 4 Units

Explore this exciting adventure story, examining characterisation and descriptive language. Learn how to integrate dialogue and to use expanded noun phrases. Improvise, draft, write and perform a playscript based on the book.

Adventure Stories: The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

Non-fiction 4 Units

Explore the frozen wilds! Examine text organisation in Shackleton's Journey, write evaluatively using model verbs and punctuate lists. Summarise events depicted in The Great Serum Race and write a newspaper recount.

Recounts: Races in Frozen Places

Poetry 4 Units

Using the superb Book of Hopes this block teaches poetry terminology and appreciation. Use relative clauses to create magical places, revise commas and colons and work together to create a class Book of Hopes.

Poems on a Theme: Hope