Reception English

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Blocks contain 1 to 3 Units of learning. Each unit lasts a week, with learning categorised as: Exploring and playingActive learning or Creating and Thinking Critically.
- Book-sharing opportunities are described;
- Teaching, group activities and independent learning are summarised in the Unit Plans;
- Texts are indicated; many are provided.

Spring Blocks

2 Units

Explore the signs of winter by sharing The Bear's Winter House, What Can you See in Winter and The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. Enjoy a winter walk and have fun creating captions for photos, as well as writing instructions for a pyjama party.

Captions and Instructions: Winter Days and Nights

2 Units

Set their imagination on fire by reading and writing about dragons; sharing texts such as Custard the Dragon, Tell Me a Dragon and Puff the Magic Dragon. Explore Chinese New Year traditions and create good luck banners.

Captions and Banners: Dragons and Chinese New Year

1 Unit

Enjoy sharing the texts Stanley's Stick and Stick man to inspire use of descriptive vocabulary to use in explanations and captions. Get creative with sticks by making people, animals and letters.

Labels and Captions: Pick up a Stick

2 Units

Use the texts Owls and Dinosaurs, The Dirty Great Dinosaur and Dinosaur Roar to explore new vocabulary and create dinosaur stories. Step back in time and make your own dinosaurs and fossils!

Non-Fiction Texts and Stories: Dinosaurs

3 Units

Take inspiration from Ketchup on your Cornflakes?, The Giant Jam Sandwich, Mr Wolf's Pancakes and The Gingerbread Man to follow and write simple lists, instructions and recipes.

Lists, Instructions and Recipes: Food and cooking

3 Units

Step into spring and look out for signs of new life on a nature walk. Enjoy sharing Wakey-Wakey, The Odd Egg and The Egg Drop to help create descriptive phrases and captions, as well as explore springtime festivals.

Captions, Labels and Non-Fiction Writing: Spring into Spring