English Reception Autumn Lists and Labels

Autumn Leaves

Ignite imagination and creativity about autumn using Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. Enjoy a nature walk, explore descriptive vocabulary and create labels for leaf characters.

Leaf Man: Signs of Autumn (suggested as 5 days)

Creating and Thinking Critically

  1. Autumn nature walk
  2. Autumnal descriptive words
  3. Leaf art
  4. Memories

Exploring and Playing

  1. Autumn nature/sensory
  2. Leaf art
  3. Leafy maths
  4. Seasons sorting

Books to Share

  1. Display a non-fiction book about autumn. Browse through the Contents page; select headings. Look at the information carefully. Lastly, find information about how the seasons change.
  2. Enjoy Leaf Man, but stop before the final double page spread. Predict how the story will end. Encourage children to use because to provide reasons for their ideas. Finally, read the ending.
  3. Share Leaf Man. After, show the refrain (resources). Read it aloud together. Discuss how different seasonal weather may affect Leaf Man, e.g. Spring = rain, Summer = sun, Winter = snow.
  4. Read Leaf Man. Look carefully at the different arrangements of leaves and the images they create. Generate descriptive language to describe some of them, e.g. bright orange pumpkin.

Poetry/Rhyme of the Week: Five Little Leaves – Anon, adapted by Hamilton Trust
Introduce the poem and tune on Monday (send a copy home). Rehearse and sing throughout the week, e.g. waiting to go to lunch, to focus on carpet, for fun! Develop and refine the performance.