English Reception Autumn Greetings and Letters

Christmas and Winter Traditions

Have fun sharing Christmas stories such as The Jolly Christmas Postman and Dear Santa to inspire children to talk about their Christmas and Winter Traditions, as well as to write cards and their own letter to Santa.

Winter greetings (suggested as 5 days)

Active Learning

  1. Christmas cards
  2. The Jolly Christmas Postman
  3. Sending cards
  4. Family traditions

Creating and Thinking Critically

  1. Matching game
  2. Card writing
  3. Christmas Books
  4. Jokes

Exploring and Playing

  1. Role play
  2. Lanterns and music
  3. Maths
  4. Play dough decorations

Books to Share

  1. Read the first part of The Jolly Christmas Postman. What characters do we recognise from other stories? List and read their names.
  2. Read the first part of Christmas in Exeter Street. What signs of Christmas can you spot? Cards on the mantelpiece, wreath on door, presents, balloons, stockings, etc.
  3. Continue reading Christmas on Exeter Street. Can you count all the guests? Phew! What would it have been like in the house? Fun, noisy, squashed.
  4. Share reading any other Christmas stories of your choice (see suggestions on Block overview).

Poetry/Rhyme of the Week: Jingle Bells (see resources)
Introduce on Monday (send a copy home). Perform as part of a class carol-singing excursion.

You Will Need

Essential texts
The Jolly Christmas Postman
by Janet & Allan Ahlberg; Christmas in Exeter Street by Diana Hendry and John Lawrence

Hanukkah quiz from bbc.co.uk/cbeebies
The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa from youtube.com
My First Eid from bbc.co.uk/cbeebies

A selection of christmas cards
Pre-stamped and addressed envelopes
Christmas objects (baubles, bows, decorations)
Salt dough
Dough/biscuit cutters
A3 heavy paper or card