English Reception Summer Captions, Greetings Cards and Letters

People Who Help Us

Be inspired by sharing thoughts, ideas and questions about people who help us, including vets, dentists and the Emergency Services. Enjoy reading the texts The Very Helpful Hedgehog and Dog Eat Dog to help create a thank you card for someone who cares for us at home.

Help at home (suggested as 5 days)

Active Learning

  1. The Very Helpful Hedgehog
  2. Sound words
  3. Thank you cards
  4. Apology letter

Creating and Thinking Critically

  1. Describing homes
  2. Delicious apples
  3. Thank you cards
  4. helping out around the home

Exploring and Playing

  1. Small world farm
  2. Apple art
  3. Make a 3-D thank you card
  4. Farm helpers

Books to Share

  1. Share The Very Helpful Hedgehog. What helpful and kind things do Donkey and Isaac do for each other? What kind things do people at home do for you? How do we show people that we are grateful to them? Gather ideas: give a hug, say thank you, do something helpful in return (like Isaac does).
  2. Read and enjoy Dog Eat Dog. Shared read the repeated refrains. I tell my cat to be good…. etc.
  3. Read Dog Eat Dog. How do you think the mum would have felt about her kitchen being messed up? What about the dad when he realises his lettuces have been eaten?! What do you do if someone messes your stuff up? Discuss hurt feelings and being upset, and how we cope with these emotions: forgiveness, making up, saying you still love someone.
  4. Reread Dog Eat Dog. What other animals could have been in the story? And what chaos could they have caused? Have you ever done something wrong at home? What do we need to do if we do something wrong? Gather ideas from across the class: own up, say sorry, help tidy up, be extra nice…not do it again–“—
  5. Reread Dog Eat Dog. Which animal was the first to do something bad? Discuss ideas with a partner. And can you say what that animal did wrong? Repeat for next animal and their misdemeanour. Share sequence ideas.

Poetry/Rhyme of the Week: Three Little Kittens or one of Apply Dapply’s Nursery Rhymes
Choose which poem works best for your class (perhaps just ask children to learn the first verse of Three Little Kittens if you choose that one). Introduce on Monday by reading and discussing and sending a copy of the words home (see resources)

Group Reader: Dog Eat Dog
Ruth Mertten’s lovely story of naughty pets will delight beginning readers. Will the animals behave when their owner pops out for the day? Read along to find out!

You Will Need

Essential texts
The Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley
Dog Eat Dog (Hamilton Group Reader)

Dog Eat Dog Group Reader from Hamilton Trust

Small world farm role-play equipment
Watercolour paints, apples, salt, coloured and white card
Decorative art materials
Sticky notes