English Reception Autumn Repetitive Chants and Rhymes

Patterns and Repetition

Have fun exploring repeating patterns in Michael Rosen's books We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Little Rabbit Foo Foo, inspiring children to use repeated phrases in their own story-telling and writing.

Join in when you can! (suggested as 5 days)

Active Learning

  1. We're going on a bear hunt!
  2. Repeat after me
  3. Noises for places
  4. Ending our story

Creating and Thinking Critically

  1. Bear hunt prepositions
  2. We're going on an animal hunt!
  3. How are you going on your animal hunt?
  4. The end!

Exploring and Playing

  1. Bear hunt small-world
  2. Bear hunt collages
  3. Bear den building
  4. Bear obstacle course

Books to Share

  1. Read and enjoy We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Notice repetition. Encourage children to join in wherever they can, enjoying the sounds of the words. Pause to look at and talk about illustrations
  2. Act out the whole of Bear Hunt with only occasional references to the book. Children should now know most of it by heart.
  3. Read Funnybones, encouraging children to join in with the repetitive phrase. Compare with We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Which story do you prefer? Why?
  4. Read and act out the class version of ‘We’re all going on a ___ hunt’. Do we all know it off by heart? Use percussion instruments to create faster beats/tension as together you go on your bear hunt (M).

Poetry/Rhyme of the Week: Bear was afraid
Introduce to children at the beginning of the week, send a copy home to share with parents, rehearse and chant throughout the week, waiting to go to lunch, for fun! Develop performance and add actions.

You Will Need

We're going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, from youtube.com

Tray with sand, soil, grass clippings etc. for a bear hunt small-world
Items for obstacle course e.g. bench, trays of shallow water, wooden blocks