Short Blocks

Maths Year 2 Spring Fractions

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Find fraction of shapes (1/2, 1/4, 1/3) (suggested as 2 days)

Planning and Activities

Day 1 Teaching
Demonstrate halves and quarters by asking children to fold a piece of A4 paper into first 1/2 and then into 1/4s. Stress that these are equal parts of the shape. Then fold another piece of paper into 1/3s.
Group Activities
Use the in-depth problem-solving investigation ‘Halving’ from NRICH as today’s group activity.
Or, use these activities:
-- Identify whether shapes are correctly divided into halves, quarters or thirds.
-- Fold shapes into halves, quarters or thirds.

Day 2 Teaching
Draw a square; divide it into 1/4s. Shade 3/4. How much is coloured? Record ‘three quarters’ and 3/4. Ask children to draw a square on their whiteboard and to colour in 3/4 in a different way to yours. Repeat for an oblong and a circle. Show a variety of children’s whiteboards.
Repeat for thirds, using a square, oblong and a circle.
Group Activities
-- Shade 1/4s or 1/3s of shapes.
-- Design then play snap or pairs with fractions and shaded shapes.

You Will Need

  • Pieces of A4 paper
  • ‘Square and circle’ sheet (see resources)
  • ‘Shapes divided into two or four parts’ sheet (see resources)
  • ‘Shapes divided into two, three or four parts’ sheet (see resources)
  • Additional activity sheets (see resources)
  • Card & colouring pencils

Mental/Oral Maths Starters

Suggested for Day 1
Odds and evens (simmering skills)

Suggested for Day 2
Doubles (simmering skills)

Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving

  • Fold an oblong into quarters.
    Can you take an identical oblong and fold it into quarters in a different way?
  • Draw around 6 squares in a row in your maths book. Now colour one third of this ‘strip’.
  • How much of each strip is shaded?
    Diagram 1

Diagram 2


Diagram 3


Diagram 4

  • Katie says that the shaded part of this strip is 1/3 of the whole because there is 1 part shaded out of 3 parts in the whole.
    Do you agree?


In-depth Investigation: Halving
Find creative ways to split squares into halves. Halving from

Extra Support

Birthday Cards
Finding halves of shapes by folding