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Staff Development – everything you need

By Ruth Merttens - 20 Jun 2022

Prepare for Ofsted ‘deep-dive’. Save hours – and deliver the best CPD session on your subject ever!

  • Staff meeting modules – 45 minutes long
  • Pick ‘n’ mix to get the right balance for your school
  • PowerPoint presentation, notes for delivery and all the resources (cards, etc.) for staff activities
  • Modules in English and Maths
  • Ensure Ofsted required subject progression
  • Update colleagues’ subject knowledge

About staff meeting modules
These enable subject co-ordinators to deliver effective training and professional development to their colleagues. Co-ordinators can:

  • Use just one module and allow plenty of time around it for further discussion and development
  • Use more than one module to create a longer, more in-depth, CPD sequence on that subject

Each session draws upon the widely recognised and easy to follow ‘GROW’ coaching model for problem solving, goal setting and performance improvement (Whitmore, 1992):

  • Goal – What do you want to achieve?
  • Reality – Where are we now? What is our current situation? What are the internal and external obstacles?
  • Options – What steps can we take? What are the possibilities? How can we build on our strengths? How can we address any weaknesses?
  • Will – What actions shall we agree to take? How shall we monitor progress? What accountability will there be?

Modules are accompanied by one or more research articles or information papers which provide really useful and accessible background reading for that particular session. Not only is this stimulating for the subject co-ordinator to read, the research provides the necessary evidence to support the position being taken and the advice being given in the training.