Hamilton Key Stage 3 Numeracy

Do your Year 7 or Year 8 students struggle with numerical fluency? Does lack of numeracy hold them back from fulfilling their potential in key stage 3 maths? Hamilton's KS3 numeracy materials can help.

Tried and Tested

Hamilton's key stage 3 numeracy materials are the result of a three-year study to find the best ways to teach numeracy at this level for students who are working below, at or beyond their age-related expectations. Developed and refined in response to test results and feedback from secondary teachers, they are highly differentiated in their content, format and time requirements for students at different levels of numeracy.

KS3 Numeracy - Above ARE

Even numerate students experience a sharp decline in numerical fluency from Year 7 to Year 11. Hamilton's quick regular revision resources have been shown to help them retain their secure numeracy.

In addition, Hamilton has developed a ground-breaking set of investigations that give numerate students a numerical grounding for understanding algebra. Working with these, students learn the tactics and resilience necessary for approaching mathematical problem solving, while covering the whole of the algebra content for key stage 3.

Year 7 Above ARE | Year 8 Above ARE

KS3 Numeracy - Around ARE

Overwhelming evidence indicates that numerical fluency declines sharply from Year 7 to Year 11. Although many students enter secondary school at or nearly at age-related expectations, there is little ongoing opportunity for them to revise or even use their numerical skills. This demise of numerical fluency inevitably affects students' life skills and test results, before and at GCSE. Hamilton's materials identify and fill skills and understanding gaps to consolidate numeracy.

Students who are at age-related expectations can go on to use Hamilton's numerical algebra investigations to develop numeracy confidence and to gain problem-solving meta skills and cover the key stage 3 algebra curriculum at the same time.

Year 7 Around ARE | Year 8 Around ARE

KS3 Numeracy - Below ARE

Some students do not come to secondary school with the numeracy required to progress to the key stage 3 curriculum. Hamilton has designed a complete programme of in-depth materials to support secondary teachers (or teaching assistants) in teaching those core numeracy skills with the aim of enabling these students to access the secondary curriculum.

A set of investigations targeted at these students provides them with opportunities to develop numeric confidence and problem-solving skills and resilience.

Year 7 Below ARE | Year 8 Below ARE