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Ready-to-Progress links

By Ruth Merttens - 1 Jun 2022

Hamilton Maths Blocks linked to Ready-to-Progress Criteria

Ready to Progress

Medium Term Plan

Hamilton have linked every unit of teaching in our maths blocks to the Ready-to-Progress criteria. This termly overview provides a clear teaching order matched to these very useful criteria, as well as listing the all-important outcomes. The 2022 SATs were different in that, as many teachers observed, they linked apparently more directly to the Ready-to-Progress criteria than to some parts of the National Curriculum. The pace of teaching and learning is rather steadier and the focus is on building a robust understanding of key skills rather than teaching the harder written algorithms, such as long division, or the more difficult concepts, such as ratio. Teachers who had drawn heavily on the Ready-to-Progress criteria to prioritise planning for learning will have been happy to think that this enabled their children to succeed in this year’s national assessments.

Download the new Medium Term Plans with the order of teaching and the links to the Ready-to-Progress criteria here:

Available now: Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6
Mixed years: Rec/Y1 | Y1/2 | Y2/3 | Y3/4 | Y4/5 | Y5/6

If you are using our Longer Maths Blocks, new Medium Term Plans linked to Ready-to-Progress are also available, replacing the Coverage Tracker on each year group's maths page.