Lower Key Stage 2 Invaders and Settlers: Anglo-Saxons

Invaders and Settlers: Anglo-Saxons illustrates key aspects of the nature of invasion and settlement in history. Through a study of the broad social context of the Anglo-Saxon period, children will learn how this important group of settlers fits into the chronology of Britain.

Block A
2 sessions
Introduction to the Anglo-Saxons

Contextualise the Anglo-Saxon period within a timeline of Britain. Discuss the terms 'invaders' and 'settlers' and the motivations for emigration. Gain historical insight into the lives of Anglo-Saxon and British people.

Block B
7 sessions

Design Anglo-Saxon settlements, make buildings, dye wool, weave material, cook food, create and play board games. Research place names and use an online simulation of an archaeological dig.

Block C
5 sessions

Learn about the Anglo-Saxon invasion: routes, kingdoms, ancient roads and warriors. Play an invasion game, paint pictures, make a shield and embroider your own Bayeux Tapestry.

Block D
5 sessions

Research pagan beliefs during Anglo-Saxon times. Paint gods and goddesses, find out about contemporary documents, write in runes and make amulets. Learn about the rise of Christianity and role-play religious stories.

Block E
5 sessions
Art and Culture

Learn about the cultural significance of storytelling, poetry, music, jewellery and feasting. Write sagas and kennings, and cook food to eat for an Anglo-Saxon feast.

Block F
6 sessions
Kings and Laws

Learn about important Anglo-Saxon Kings: King Ethelbert, King Offa and King Alfred. Understand the timeline of events of the later kings. Learn about the class system and law and order.

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