Reception Flexible Maths Blocks

The Reception Maths Blocks have been specifically designed for compatibility with both the Development Matters ELGs and the EYFS profile. Each block contains 2 or 3 units, focused on specific concepts or skills. The activities in each unit are provided under three distinct headings: (1) Exploring and Playing, (2) Active Learning, (3) Creating and Thinking Critically. This allows teachers to ensure a spread of provision and also enables different contexts for effective individual assessments.

The Blocks reference the EYFS profile and ELGs wherever appropriate. Since it is essential that children leave Reception well-prepared for Year 1, we cover the mathematics required for this to be the case. The Y1 curriculum demands that children master numbers to 100 and use all four mathematical operations alongside some quite advanced concepts in measurement and shape. We believe that the best foundation for this is a spread of practical, creative and play-based activities, introducing key mathematical models for later development. Some aspects of coverage are therefore highlighted as providing the mathematical foundation for Y1.

Autumn Blocks

Spring Blocks