Maths Reception Summer Patterns

Hamilton's Reception Maths planning targets the key characteristics of effective early learning:

  • Through Exploring and Playing, children independently engage with their peers and their environment.
  • Active Learning group activities promote the motivation needed to be involved and to keep trying.
  • Guided Creating and Thinking Critically supports development of problem-solving & reasoning skills.

Maths Out Loud: whole-class counting, repetitive chants, rhymes, songs and a linked story to enjoy together.

Clever counting (suggested as 5 days)

Maths Out Loud


Display a 1-20 washing line. Whisper count in 2s (whisper 1, shout 2, whisper 3 etc.).

Display a 1-100 grid. Whisper count in 5s to 50 (whisper 1, 2, 3, 4, shout 5, whisper 6, 7, 8, 9, shout 10 etc).

Display a 1-100 grid. Use it to support counting in 10s from 10 to 100.


Sing along to One, two buckle my shoe, e.g. this version from the BBC.
Point to the even numbers on the washing line as you do so.


Eggs and Legs: Counting by Twos by Michael Dahl.

You Will Need

Exploring and Playing

Collections of objects in pairs, e.g. pairs of shoes, pairs of cubes, pairs of eyes for craft work, pairs of socks, 2p coins; 2 to 20 number cards (2s only); a ball; selection of old magazines/catalogues, scissors, glue sticks and paper; 2s, 5s and 10s cards (see resources)

Active Learning

Flipchart and pens; ‘Pairs of socks’ PowerPoint (see resources); ‘Starfish’ PowerPoint (see resources); ‘Counting crabs’ PowerPoint (see resources)

Creating and Thinking Critically

A 100-bead bar (each group of 10 beads in alternate colours) and 10s tags, OR ten towers of 10 cubes; 1-100 grid; 10 to 100 cards (10s only); different size grids (see resources); coloured pencils/crayons; two teddies, two purses, 5p and 2p coins