Upper Key Stage 2 Maya

Study the magnificent Maya in this vigorously researched topic. Discover where and when the Maya built their civilisation as you develop a range of skills across the curriculum. Investigate how they lived, their culture and their legacy. Compare their lives to your own as you bring your learning together.

Block A
3 sessions
The Maya in Context

Look at the Maya civilisation within a world-wide context and contrast it with contemporary developments in Britain. Compare the history and effects of invasion on Maya and Anglo-Saxon culture.

History, English
Block B
4 sessions
Introduction to the Maya

Explore the Maya of Mesoamerica. Find out when Maya civilisation was first recognised by archaeologists and when Maya society came to an end, while recognising that there are still living Maya people today.

History, Geography
Block C
3 sessions

Find out how logograms and hieroglyphs were used, and use them to write and draw words including your own name. Discover the Copan stairway and its hieroglyphs and marvel at the four main Maya codices.

History, Art & Design
Block D
3 sessions
Maths and the Calendar

Learn about Maya numerals, their maths system and the Dresden Codex. Represent Maya numbers, make a Maya calendar and compare it to our own system and learn about The Long Count and Maya Tzolk'in days.

History, Maths
Block E
3 sessions
Cities and Architecture

Learn about the organisation of Maya cities, study different kinds of buildings, and investigate aspects of daily life. Make a range of buildings that you can put together to make a Maya city.

PE, History, DT
Block F
4 sessions

How did the Maya transport goods and what did they trade? Discover their expertise, the logistics and the geography they had to overcome. Find out how they knew about the wheel, but didn't use it.

History, Geography
Block G
5 sessions

Explore the creation story of the Hero Twins and the Lords of the Underworld. Create a podcast and a stop-motion animation of the Maya creation myth. Replicate Maya ceremonies and celebrations.

Computing, History, English
Block H
6 sessions

The tool technology of the Maya was based on the hard minerals jadeite and obsidian. Learn how the Maya made functional objects and their weaving and pottery skills. Weave a fabric in the Maya style and make pots.

Science, History
Block I
4 sessions
Everyday Life

Discover the childhood of the Maya and how skills were passed down generations. Learn about the music and foods eaten by the Maya community. Research Maya fashion. Discover the modern culture of the Maya people.

History, Art & Design
Block J
4 sessions

Explore the methods of farming practised by the Maya and some of the foods they farmed, hunted and gathered. Make a traditional Maya hot chocolate recipe. Create a model illustrating how the Maya produced food.

History, Geography
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