Year 1 Flexible Maths Blocks

Select Units for your Blocks

The KS1 National Curriculum statutory content for Year 1 is arranged in mathematical topic blocks over the year. Each block is divided into units. Each unit is focussed around one or two specific skills within that topic.

It is essential to ensure that children leave Year 1 well prepared for Year 2. We also continue good practice from Foundation in terms of a breadth of mathematical activities. So, although symmetry, direction, position, sorting and recording data are not specifically mentioned in the Year 1 National Curriculum, our blocks provide coverage of these important topics in the lead-up to Year 2. There is a great difference between the cognitive maturity of children in September of Year 1 and at the end of the year. So the more challenging content is left until Summer Term when children are likely to be ready to learn it. This means that there are only 2 ‘spare’ days without allocated teaching in Summer term. So you may need to select carefully what to leave out.

Hamilton strongly advise that teachers tailor the teaching using selected units in shorter blocks through the term to suit the needs of the class. See our recommended route for progression through shorter blocks.

Autumn Blocks

Spring Blocks

Summer Blocks