Stone Age to Iron Age Britain - UKS2

Block E - Development of Stonehenge and its religious importance

The Stone Age is brought to life for the children through blocks that develop their archaeological skills and vocabulary, help them to create Ice Age art, as well as through activities researching and making Stone Age homes. To understand the Bronze Age, the children find out about tool making and while making models, they explore the religious importance of Stonehenge. They go on to role-play life in an Iron Age village, explore and understand Hill Forts, before making and decorating Iron Age objects ready for a tribal meeting.

Research the meaning and significance of Stonehenge; construct edible models; learn about Neolithic problem solving and engineering; create a burial chamber in the style of a long barrow and create a classroom Stonehenge Experience.

This Topic is written for Upper Key Stage 2. We also have a Lower Key Stage 2 Topic on Stone Age to Iron Age which is suited to that age range in its outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as National Curriculum objectives. If you want to use this material for any other age range, you will need to consider how to adapt it appropriately.

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01: What do we know about Stonehenge?

In this session you will generate questions about Stonehenge and attempt to discover some answers! You will learn about the significance of Stonehenge and speculate about its meaning.

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02: How did Stonehenge look 4500 years ago?

Discover what Stonehenge may have looked like when it was originally created and appreciate its details through construction of models.

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03: How was Stonehenge built?

Learn about the materials used in the construction of Stonehenge and explore the challenges facing the builders of this Neolithic monument.

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04: Who built Stonehenge?

Learn about and understand aspects of the lives of the people alive at the time Stonehenge was built.

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05: The Stonehenge Experience

Bring together the learning about Stonehenge to create an informative and interesting exhibition for visitors from outside the class.