Upper Key Stage 2 Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

The Stone Age is brought to life for your class in topic blocks that develop their archaeological skills and vocabulary. Help them to create Ice Age art and research and make Stone Age homes. To understand the Bronze Age, the children find out about tool-making and through making models, they explore the importance of Stonehenge. They go on to role-play life in an Iron Age village and explore and understand hill forts. Make and decorate Iron Age objects ready for a tribal meeting.

Block A
6 sessions
Introduction to Stone Age to Iron Age

Learn how to be an archaeologist as you discover the Stone Age to Iron Age timeline, the evidence, sources and vocabulary used by archaeologists and how to carry out a dig.

History, English
Block B
6 sessions
Ice Age Art

Learn about Ice Age art. Experiment with different techniques and styles as you create a book about Ice Age art, a decorated cave and engraved pieces of portable art.

Art & Design, History
Block C
6 sessions
From hunter-gatherers to farmers

Learn about the course of events that might have led Stone Age people to move from hunting and gathering to farming. Demonstrate your knowledge through performance and an informative display.

History, DT
Block D
4 sessions
Technology and Tools

Discover technological developments from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Make a collection of edible prehistoric tools. Speculate about why these changes came about and have a prehistoric feast.

History, Science
Block E
5 sessions

Research the significance of Stonehenge and its religious importance. Construct edible models. Learn about Neolithic problem solving and engineering and create a long barrow burial chamber.

DT, History
Block F
5 sessions
Iron Age life

Investigate life as an Iron Age villager. Research daily tasks. Recreate a round house. Weave with wool. Cook oatcakes and make cheese. Make an Iron Age game. Share learning with others using whole-class role-play.

DT, History
Block G
6 sessions
Hill forts

Gain an understanding of the range of hill forts and their significance in Iron Age society. Investigate one hill fort in detail and produce a reconstruction drawing or model of a hill fort.

History, Geography
Block H
5 sessions
Iron Age art and culture

Prepare for an Iron Age tribal meeting to discuss the impending arrival of the Roman Army. Research the resources, designs, totems, clothing and jewellery of the Iron Age people. Make Iron Age clothes and jewellery.

History, Art & Design
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