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World Water Day - 22nd March

By Julie St Clair Hoare - 3 Mar 2024

Celebrate World Water Day on the 22nd March by highlighting the importance of water.

Water is essential for life! Introduce your class to the incredible world of water with our water-focused cross-curricular topics and science lessons. World Water Day's theme for 2024 is Water for Peace.

World Water Day in Key Stage 1

Hamilton provide a dedicated KS1 cross-curricular topic block written specifically for World Water Day! Ask your class to consider the power of water and draw on their own experiences of the sea/ocean to create an interpretation of Hokusi’s ‘Great Wave’. Think about how you use water to wash, and enjoy using soap. Consider how vital water is to all life on earth and why it’s so important not to waste it. And finally, use water to grow cress seeds!

Explore our KS1 World Water Day block.

World Water Day in Lower Key Stage 2

Focus on the importance of rivers with the Rivers for People block in our LKS2 Mountains, Rivers and Coasts topic. Use Session 2 'Rivers for Life' to investigate the importance of the Nile to life in Egypt and make a model with water flowing through a crop of cress seeds. Review the importance of rivers and rainfall in the growing of crops and investigate the relationship between rivers and settlements in Britain in Session 3 'Settlements Along Rivers'.

Explore our LKS2 Rivers for People block.

World Water Day in Upper Key Stage 2

Learn about the water cycle with our UKS2 topic Earth Matters which includes two blocks on the water cycle. Use Block A to study the water cycle and the physical geography of coasts and coastal features and learn about coastal erosion and the impact of the sea on human activity. Use Block B to study the water cycle and rivers and their effect on the landscape.

Explore our UKS2 Earth Matters topic.

World Water Day and Hamilton's Science Planning

We also have water-focused science investigations! Can you fit one of the following activities in on World Water Day?