Upper Key Stage 2 Earth Matters

This topic is an excellent introduction to the key aspects of physical geography that children need to understand and describe in key stage 2. Children gain a thorough knowledge of the water cycle, coasts and rivers, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, climate zones and biomes by applying knowledge gained from research to practical tasks such as model making, drama, artwork and dance.

Block A
8 sessions
The Water Cycle and Coasts

Study the water cycle and the physical geography of coasts and coastal features. Learn about coastal erosion and the impact of the sea on human activity.

DT, Geography
Block B
5 sessions
The Water Cycle and Rivers

Children will learn about the water cycle, rivers and the effect they have on the landscape. They will look at how rain finds its way into rivers and how rivers develop from the source to entering the sea.

DT, Geography
Block C
8 sessions

Study the physical geography of mountains and mountain ranges, their formation, some famous expeditions and also mountain biodiversity.

DT, Geography
Block D
4 sessions

Learn about the features of volcanoes and their formation. Discover how they are distributed around the world. Create models, artwork, volcano dances, music and David Attenborough style commentaries.

Art & Design, Geography
Block E
4 sessions

Discover the movement of tectonic plates and seismic waves. Learn about life in an earthquake zone. Practise a class earthquake drill. Understand how buildings are built to withstand earthquakes and design your own.

DT, Geography
Block F
6 sessions
Climate Zones and Biomes

Create a Biome in a Bag and a DIY Eden Project with a mini guide or poster, based on research using maps, globes, atlases, digital mapping, websites and a visit to a manmade biome.

Science, Geography
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