Lower Key Stage 2 Sports Tournaments

Are you excited about a major sports tournament that is about to start? This topic takes the inspiration of a range of major sports including football, rugby, athletics, cycling, tennis and cricket to generate some fantastic learning opportunities. Learn about the origins and development of popular sports and their most important tournaments over time and stimulate some fantastic history learning. Find out about where sporting tournaments are taking place and which countries will be taking part and prompt some impressive geography learning. Research and discuss the values upheld by different sporting organisations; stage your own class tournaments and hone your PE skills. You will find a host of creative learning activities within these 12 blocks that capitalise on the energy and enthusiasm that great sports events stimulate.

Block A
3 sessions
History of Athletics

Learn about the history of athletics and make a timeline of key events, research specific aspects of athletic history, use hot-seating and role-play to explore the achievements of Roger Bannister.

History, PE, PSHE
Block B
3 sessions
History of the Olympics

Focus on the Olympic games, look at their history and examine how the competitors prepared in those early days. Learn about the modern Olympic games and the values they try to uphold.

Block C
5 sessions
History of Football

Learn about football's controversial history in medieval times. Discover ancient ball games that were precursors to football. Work in teams to devise your own version of football and then try them out with the whole class.

History, PE
Block D
4 sessions
Football Tournaments

Explore these major football tournaments: FIFA World Cups for men and women, UEFA Euro tournaments for men and women, Africa Cup of Nations for men and women.

Geography, History, PE
Block E
3 sessions
History of Rugby

Look into Rugby's origins, and compare Rugby Union and Rugby League. Investigate more recent history, including rugby’s role in the aftermath of apartheid.

History, DT
Block F
3 sessions
Rugby World Cup

Reflect on Rugby Union's core values and compare these to British values. Learn about the men and women's teams, the New Zealand rugby team, the Haka and its history.

History, Geography
Block G
4 sessions
History of Cricket

Learn about the history of cricket: where it got its name, where it was invented, how it has changed over the centuries and its spread from England to parts of the British Empire.

Maths, Geography, History, PE
Block H
3 sessions
Cricket Tournaments

When did cricket become a professional sport with worldwide competitions? When did the Ashes start and why is it called that? What other cricket tournaments take place?

History, PE
Block I
3 sessions
History of Tennis

Learn about the history of tennis. You'll discover the origins of tennis and other ball games played with the palm of the hand or a racquet and try out some of the related games from the past and present.

History, PE
Block J
3 sessions
Tennis Tournaments

Discover Wimbledon and other Grand Slam tournaments, the tension between amateur and professional players, the beginning of the 'open era' of tennis tournaments and the advent of women's championships.

History, PE
Block K
3 sessions
History of Cycling

Learn about the history of cycling from the first road bikes of 1817 to bikes of the present day; find out about the British cycling team and the sport of cycling; design, build and race your very own mini concept bike.

History, DT
Block L
2 sessions
Tour de France

Discover the history of the Tour de France and how it compares to the modern event. Learn something of the areas the Tour travels through and find out what it is like to compete in the modern Tour.

History, Geography
Block M
2 sessions
Host Country

Look at a host country, find out about its world location, its main cities and geographical features. Research what life is like for a child in the country, experience the foods eaten there and the languages spoken.

DT, Geography
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