Stone Age to Iron Age Britain - LKS2

Block B - Food

Children learn about life in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, a period covering a million years of history. As well as understanding the chronology of this fascinating time, children will learn about the food, religion, homes, technology and art and how each of these areas developed and changed over time and how amazing developments occurred from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Learn about the amazing development of food and cooking from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Learn about the course of events that might have led Stone-Age people to move from hunting and gathering to farming. Demonstrate your knowledge through performance, a feast and an informative display.

This Topic is written for Lower Key Stage 2. We also have an Upper Key Stage 2 Topic on Stone Age to Iron Age which is suited to that age range in its outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as National Curriculum objectives. If you want to use this material for any other age range, you will need to consider how to adapt it appropriately.

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01: Introduction to food

Find out how we know about food in Stone Age to Iron Age Britain, by looking at animal bones found on site to the last meal of Lindow Man.

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02: Hunting and gathering

Find out what kinds of animals hunters killed in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, what plants they gathered, and make a prehistoric stew.

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03: Farming appears

Learn about the coming of farming in the Neolithic and what early farming was like. Make butter from cream and make bread.

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04: Bronze Age beans

Learn about the Bronze Age and how many more crops were introduced at this time. Make oatcakes and a bean stew.

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05: Iron Age feast

Learn about Iron Age feasting and create lots of food for a feast based on knowledge of prehistoric food.