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Extra Maths Support - Year 4

Each week, inevitably, there are some children who are unable to succeed on the age-related expected objectives. These extra support activities can be done by a teaching assistant with a small group of children. There are two activities for each week, linked to the maths in Hamilton’s plans for that week. Each activity consists of  a detailed but simple bullet-pointed lesson outline for the TA and a Child Sheet. These intervention activities, if used consistently as you go along, have the potential to make a lot of difference to the children who are below ARE.

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Round the clock (1), 100s neighbours (2)

Round the clock (1): Using place value to add and subtract. 100s neighbours (2): Placing 3-digit numbers on landmarked lines.

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Hops and jumps (1), Frog's epic jumps (2)

Hops and jumps (1): Subtract numbers either side of a multiple of 100 using Frog, e.g. 624 - 596, 403 - 376 and 512 - 487. Frog's epic jumps (2): Subtract numbers either side of a gap of 100, e.g. 502 - 396, 524 - 397 and 503 - 375.

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Digit twist (1), Pick 'n' mix

Digit twist (1): Using expanded column addition to add pairs of 3-digit numbers (one 'carry'). Pick 'n' mix  (2): Using place value to add and subtract to/from 3-digit numbers.

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Cunning choices (1), Maths on the edge (2)

Cunning choices (1): Doubling 2-digit numbers. Maths on the edge (2): Working out perimeters.

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On your mark (1), Decimal bingo (2)

On your mark (1): Placing 1/10s and 0.1s on landmarked lines. Decimal bingo (2): Multiplying and dividing by 10 (including numbers and answers with one decimal place).

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Inbetweenies (1), Tiny hops (2)

Inbetweenies (1): Placing numbers with one decimal place on a 0 to 10 line, with only whole numbers marked. Tiny hops (2): Counting on and back in 0.1s; adding/subtracting tenths, e.g. 1.8+0.4.

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Creepy crawlies (1), Sleeping spiders (2)

Creepy crawlies (1): Learing the 6 times tables. Sleeping spiders (2): Learing the 8 times tables.