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Free Topic Resources on Hamilton

Athene Reiss By Athene Reiss

Hamilton has thousands of session planning resources for teaching cross-curricular topics in primary schools. But did you know that we make over 500 of these documents available for free?

Hamilton's cross-curricular topics offer myriad opportunities to explore a the rich and varied curriculum that teachers, children, parents and inspectors want to see in your classroom. Our new topics format allows you to filter by subject, so that you can find teaching materials for English, maths, science, computing, geography, history, music, PE, PSHE, RE, DT, art and design, dance SMSC, drama and global citizenship easily. (Filters are currently available for reception and key stage one; key stage two will be coming soon.)

Topics are oragnised in blocks, each of which covers a particular area of a topic and culminates in a meaningful outcome for the children. You choose how many blocks to teach and in what order. Blocks are made up of a variable number of sessions, which you can teach once a week or in a more concentrated period of time, according to your planning.

There are free topics across the age ranges. To start teaching now, choose your age range.

  • Free Topic Blocks for Reception

  • Free Topic Blocks for Key Stage 1

  • Free Topic Blocks for Lower Key Stage 2

  • Free Topic Blocks for Upper Key Stage 2