Upper Key Stage 2 Early Islamic Civilisation

Track the development of the great Islamic city of Baghdad including trading practices and everyday life and compare it with contemporary cities in Western Europe. Learn about the spread of Islam through the Middle East and beyond and the legacy of and continuing influences of early Islam.

Block A
3 sessions
Introduction to Early Islamic Civilisation

Look at the Islamic civilisation from CE 900 and compare it to Western Europe. Discover how religion affected culture and architecture and the maintenance of global trading.

Computing, History, Geography
Block B
5 sessions
The Rise of Islamic Civilisation

Compare ancient and modern world maps and the region of early Islamic civilisation. Use sources to discover more about the life and death of Muhammad and summarise the early Islamic conquests.

History, Geography, Computing
Block C
6 sessions
Trade and Travel

Discover the silk road and spice routes and the goods which were carried along them. Make a board game based on the silk road to illustrate the flow of goods, the hazards of trade and life on the road.

History, Geography
Block D
5 sessions
The Rise and Fall of Baghdad

Find out about the fascinating rise and fall of the city of Baghdad around CE 900. Explore Islamic art, patterns and motifs and their relationship to maths. Turn your classroom into a House of Wisdom.

History, Art & Design
Block E
6 sessions
Everyday Life in Baghdad

Perform scenes from everyday life in Baghdad through creating tableaux. Find out about and evaluate parallel aspects of life in London and Baghdad. Examine a range of historical sources relating to ancient Baghdad.

History, Computing
Block F
6 sessions

Legendary queen Scheherazade, who told the tales of 1001 Arabian nights, needs your help! Can you write and illustrate a magical story to enthral King Shahryar for the 1002nd night?

History, English
Block G
4 sessions
History of the Islamic Religion

This block looks at the history of important aspects of Islam, such as the Quran and hadiths, hajj, the observance of Ramadan and the festival of Eid al-Fitr.

History, Art & Design, RE
Block H
3 sessions
Important Places

Certain places are very important in the Islamic world as their history is intertwined with the religion. Explore the histories of the cities of Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Damascus, Karbala and Istanbul.

History, Geography
Block I
7 sessions
Legacy of Early Islam

Explore the legacy of early Islamic civilisation enjoyed today. Read about Islamic scholars. Discover words used today that have their origins in early Islamic civilisation. Use calligraphy on Islamic style manuscripts.

History, English, Art & Design
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