Lower Key Stage 2 Romans in Britain

Children learn about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain at the time and the legacy it left us. Other than History, children acquire and practise skills in Art, making Roman busts and mosaics, in D&T, building a chariot and an aqueduct, in Dance and Music, creating a dance/drama of an invasion and of a battle, in English, debating opposition or collaboration, and Geography, understanding the location and extent of the empire.

Block A
3 sessions
Introduction to the Romans

Be introduced to the Romans. Learn about the history of Rome – legend and fact – and understand where in Europe Rome is, how the Romans came to extend their influence and create such a large and influential empire.

Block B
3 sessions
Life in Britain before the Romans

Learn about life in Britain before the Romans arrived and how the arrival of the Roman armies affected the Celtic tribes. Look at jobs and roles in a Celtic village. Debate whether to resist or collaborate with the Romans.

History, Drama
Block C
5 sessions
The Roman invasion of Britain

Understand the power and organisation of the Roman army and ask and answer historical questions about why it was so successful. Decide whether it was better for the Celts to collaborate or resist the Romans.

History, Drama
Block D
6 sessions
Roman entertainment

Explore the ways in which the Romans entertained themselves and others in the empire by holding gladiator fights and chariot racing. Design and build your own chariot and then race it!

History, DT
Block E
5 sessions
Roman mosaics

Study Roman mosaics, understand why, when and how the Romans created these and their significance in Roman society. Using stick-printing techniques to create mosaic pictures.

History, Art & Design
Block F
5 sessions
Boudicca's rebellion

Consider life as a Celt under Roman rule and learn what went wrong that led to Boudicca's rebellion. Sequence the events leading to the Battle of Colchester and use dance/drama to act this out.

History, Drama
Block G
4 sessions
Roman army and busts

The Roman Army was disciplined and effective. How was it organised? What were the Roman soldiers like and why did so many Britons join the Roman army? Learn about the army.

History, Art & Design
Block H
6 sessions
Roman buildings and engineering

Study Roman roads, buildings and aqueducts. How did the Romans solve engineering problems such as providing enough water for their towns and cities, and enabling the army to get from A to B?

Science, History, DT
Block I
6 sessions
Roman Legacy

Learn about the Roman legacy. Study cities, the rule of law, numerals and the calendar , and understand how many aspects of modern life can be traced back to the Romans.

Maths, History
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