Key Stage 1 Great Fire of London

Be gripped by this significant historic event from the 17th Century! Contrast fire-safety from the past with today. Study the buildings of the period and create your own buildings. Study the rhymes and songs of the time; study St Paul’s Cathedral and make sketches, prints, clay sculptures and 3D models inspired by this great building. Enthused by the famous diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn, write diaries and read them at your class coffee shop! Learn about the food of the time and bake bread. Finally organise a classroom tour of 17th Century London to demonstrate all the knowledge you have acquired.

Block A
3 sessions
Story of the Great Fire of London

Find out about how we fight fires today compared with fires in the 17th century. Generate questions and research the answers about the Great Fire of London to write reports for a class newspaper ‘Great Fire’.

English, History
Block B
5 sessions
London of 1666

Contrast the design, properties and materials used in modern buildings to those at the time of the Great Fire of London. Make 3D models and 2D collages of Tudor homes to re-enact the fire with tissue paper 'flames'!

History, DT
Block C
4 sessions
Rhymes and Songs

Find out about historical songs and chants connected to the Great Fire of London. Explore dynamics, pitch and tempo. Create a simple 4-part music and movement composition, inspired by the Great Fire.

Music, History
Block D
4 sessions
St Paul's Cathedral

Using drawing, imagination and communication; use charcoal drawing and potato printing to develop artistic ideas inspired by St Paul’s before designing, making and decorating a model Cathedral.

Art & Design, DT
Block E
3 sessions
Fire Safety Then and Now

Learn about modern and 17th Century fire-fighting. Understand how the Great Fire of London started, spread and what the results were. Finally, think about your own fire safety, before creating a poster

History, Drama
Block F
5 sessions

Find out about the famous diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn. Write your own diary entries, including a realistic entry set during the Great Fire. Share diaries in a ‘coffee house’ setting.

History, English
Block G
2 sessions

Discover food eaten at the time. Contrast the diet of the rich and poor. Compare and make contemporary and period recipes. Study the Great Fire monument in London. Build your own structure.

DT, History
Block H
4 sessions
Visit 17th Century London

Prepare tours for London, make souvenirs, role-play key people and draw maps, to transform your classroom into 17th Century London. Become tour guides, teaching visitors about the 1666 historic event.

History, Art & Design, Drama
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