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Reception Celebrations

Learn about special celebratory events that take place in your own community and in the wider world. This topic, shortlisted for an Early Years Digital Content award by BETT in 2017, takes you through a series of fun and meaningful events and activities. Discover the different ways we celebrate – and the many different things those celebrations can be about!

Block A
5 sessions
Celebrating Me

Meet `Maisy Mouse,' listen to a story and think about what makes you special. Investigate birth months and week days. Do you have a party to celebrate your birthday? Plan a surprise party for someone in school.

English, Maths, PSHE, Art & Design, Dance, Drama
Block B
4 sessions
Special Birthdays

Discover special birthdays we celebrate in our communities. Learn about Guru Nanak’s birthday and how Sikhs celebrate. Discover Wesak, which marks the Buddha’s birthday. Reflect on Christmas, the birthday of Jesus.

English, PSHE, Art & Design, RE, Dance, Drama
Block C
4 sessions
Carnivals and Parades

Meet Nian monster, which is chased away from Chinese New Year. Take Nian on a journey to Mardi Gras. Discover the Japanese Lantern Festival and march to the beat of New York's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sing, make art and create a marching dance.

English, Art & Design, RE, Drama, Dance
Block D
4 sessions
Festivals of Light

Reflect on the symbolism of light. Learn about festivals such as Hannukah, Diwali and Eid-ul-Fitr. Make menorahs, Diva lamps, Eid cards and create a fabulous firework light dance to finish the block with a bang.

English, PE, Art & Design, RE, Dance, Drama
Block E
7 sessions
Saying Thank You

Learn about festivals that say thank you: Thanksgiving in USA; Harvest Festival in UK and around the world; the Jewish festival Sukkot. Choose something or somebody to be grateful for and express your thanks in art.

English, PSHE, Art & Design, RE, Dance, Drama
Block F
7 sessions
New Beginnings

Explore the festivals and symbols that indicate new life: Spring, chicks, rabbits and lambs. Invite parents or governors into school who could explain how to put on a turban, wear a sari, baptise a baby or tell the faith story.

English, PSHE, Art & Design, RE, Dance, Drama
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