Upper Key Stage 2 Earliest Civilisations: Ancient Sumer

Place the Ancient Sumer civilisation in the context of world history and compare it to contemporary Britain. Learn about life in Ancient Sumer, how the people lived, what they did, how they worshipped and what they have left behind for us to discover.

Block A
4 sessions
Introducing Ancient Sumer

Place the Ancient Sumer civilisation on a world history timeline. Discover the rise and fall of the Sumerian civilisation, the invasion by the Akkadians, read the 'Lament of Ur' and the legend of Sargon the Great.

History, Geography
Block B
6 sessions
Ancient Sumerian Daily Life

Learn about Ancient Sumerian education, farming, clothing and urban development, including how neighbourhoods were planned and divided into different social classes.

Geography, History
Block C
4 sessions
Ancient Sumerian Religion

Learn about the significance of temples to the Ancient Sumerians, in particular the structure of the ziggurat. Find out about Sumerian religion, including beliefs about death and the afterlife, gods and goddesses and priests.

Drama, History, Maths
Block D
7 sessions

The people of Ancient Sumer were amazing inventors. Be introduced to their greatest achievements, including the wheel, writing, astronomy and metal-working. Study Sumerian proverbs and law.

Science, History
Block E
4 sessions

Compare Gilgamesh, the world's oldest recorded story, to other flood myths, including Noah’s ark. Find out about Sumerian debate poetry and 'The city of Rainbows'. Write a myth inspired by ancient stories of this region.

History, English
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