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Share a Story Month: Travelling Tales

claire-field.jpg By Claire Field

Celebrate the power of storytelling in May with National 'Share a Story' Month.

The theme for 2019's 'share a story' month is Travelling Tales - and Hamilton have lots of resources to help you plan your teaching to take advantage of this stimulating topic!

Travelling Tales for Reception

Reception children can get on the move with our fabulous cross-curricular topic that explores travelling over land, on water, through the air and into space. The topic includes a block on classic tales of journeys such as The Wind in the Willows, Rosie's Walk, and the very different woodland walks taken by Little Red Riding Hood and the Gruffalo.

Explore our Reception Topic On the Move.

Travelling Tales for Year 1

Take a trip to Africa with our fantastic new English block focussed around stories with African settings. Read We’re Going on a Lion Hunt, Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain, and Handa’s Hen and then get children to sequence, retell and then write own repeating pattern story.

Explore Stories with African Settings for Year 1.

Travelling Tales for Year 2

Year 2 children get to enjoy an array of quest stories! Read Lost and Found and The Way Back Home, by Oliver Jeffers. Study sentence types and experiment with tense. Write and perform your own quest stories.

Explore Quest Stories for Year 2.


Travelling Tales for Year 3

Leave dry land behind with our English block about sea stories. Read Michael Morpurgo’s sea stories Dolphin Boy and The Sandman and the Turtles to explore his use of characterisation, dilemmas, dialogue, word classes and the perfect tense.

Explore Sea Stories for Year 3.

Travelling Tales for Year 4

Year 4 teachers can head to Africa or Japan! Our syllabic poems English block uses Japanese pop-culture to spur learning. Use Studio Ghibli films and contemporary Japanese popular culture, including Pokémon, to frame the study of haikus and syllabic poems. And our stories from other cultures English block takes us to Africa with Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, The Pot of Wisdom and African Tales. Write your own Ananse stories!


Travelling Tales for Year 5

Year 5 children discover travel writing! Explore a range of exciting destinations and write your own travel recount. Or go on a different kind of journey with our poetry block on aspirations and dreams. Enjoy some inspirational poetry and use it to trigger discussions of what the children want to be. Then write and perform poems!

Travelling Tales for Year 6

Tackle a more difficult element of travelling stories, with our English block about feeling like an outsider. Focussed on the beautifully illustrated Eric by Shaun Tan, children will discuss emotions around feeling like an outsider and then write their own stories.

Explore Outsider Stories for Year 6.