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Share a Story Month: A Feast of Stories

By Karen Edwards - 3 May 2024

Celebrate the power of storytelling in May with National 'Share a Story' Month.

The theme for 2024's 'share a story' month is A Feast of Stories - and Hamilton have lots of resources to help you plan your teaching to take advantage of this delicious topic!

A Feast of Stories for Reception

In our Lists and Storytelling block, Reception children can learn about harvests and share texts such as The Enormous Turnip and Pumpkin Soup. The rhyme One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four, is an inspiration to talk, read and write about autumn, harvest and related foods.

Explore our Reception English block Lists and Storytelling: Sharing the Harvest.

A Feast of Stories for Year 1

Use Questions and answers about food to read and choose favourite recipes, discover interesting facts and write question-and-answer information texts about food. Learning from books about food, farming and where ingredients come from, children will be ready to write their own recipes by the end of the block!

Explore Questions and Answers about Food

A Feast of Stories for Year 2

Year 2 children can get creative with recipes, cooking and tasting their food. Get Cooking with The Children's Step-by-Step Cookbook. Explore recipes, use commas for lists and investigate sentence types. Write new recipes for a class cookbook.

Explore Cooking

A Feast of Stories for Year 3

Burrow down into our English Classic Fiction block about Fantastic Mr Fox. Find out the trouble and adventures that Fantastic Mr Fox gets into after trying to find a tasty meal for his family. Plus you'll be exploring plot, character and tension, and learning about direct speech and tense. Finsih the block off by writing your own exciting stories.

Explore Fantastic Mr Fox

Y3 Fantastic Mr Fox.JPG

A Feast of Stories for Year 4

Year 4 teachers can Dig for Victory with our World War 2: A Child's Eye View topic on Rationing. Gain a good understanding of how the rationing of food and the need to Dig for Victory. Learn how this impacted on children and their families during World War 2 and what the reasons for rationing were. Prepare and cook a meal using limited ingredients.

Explore Rationing

A Feast of Stories for Year 5

Year 5 children can travel to a desert island to discover Kensuke's Kingdom. This beautiful and emotive story will help children to think about how people can survive with very little. If you were trapped on a desert island what food would you eat? And what food would you miss? This block will also develop higher level language skills, including paragraph cohesion, modal verbs/adverbs and commas.

Explore Kensuke's Kingdom

Y5_Kensuke's Kingdom.PNG

A Feast of Stories for Year 6

Sink into a whole new world with Philip Pullman's Northern Lights. Follow Lyra and Will on their travels, with all their new experiences - including new meals and food. Will packs Kendal Mint Cake for his journey to find Lyra; has anyone in your class tasted Kendal Mint Cake? And what food would they each pack for a long journey?

Explore Northern Lights


Enjoy all these wonderful stories!

And don't forget that Hamilton Brookes' YouTube channel is packed full of storytelling videos to download and enjoy!