Earliest Civilisations: The Indus Valley

Block B - Cities

Find out about this fascinating early civilisation based in the Indus Valley and place it on a world timeline. Be amazed as you learn how this civilisation functioned and its cities grew and flourished. Discover day to day life, investigate the evidence we have for this civilisation and speculate why the civilisation ended.

Be amazed by the cities of the Indus Valley people and learn about the most significant sites and their construction. Find out about the archaeologists whose discoveries led to the realisation that this ancient civilisation had existed.

This Topic is written for Upper Key Stage 2. If you want to use this Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

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01: Discovery

Learn about the most significant sites of the Indus Valley civilisation and mark them onto a map; find out about the archaeologists who did initial work on the sites of these discoveries that led to the realisation that this ancient civilisation had existed.

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02: Mathematics

Discover how the people of the Indus Valley were good mathematicians; construct a typical Indus Valley brick shape from a card net; learn about the use of rulers for measuring during the Indus Valley civilisation period.

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03: Houses

Learn about the features of a typical Indus Valley house and other buildings that have been excavated; build your own model Indus Valley house.

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04: Sanitation

Learn how cleanliness was important to the Indus Valley people and how they created a complex sanitation system; construct drains, reservoirs and wells for the class model Indus Valley city.