Upper Key Stage 2 Earliest Civilisations: Indus Valley

Find out about the fascinating Bronze Age civilisation based in the Indus Valley between from around 3300 to 1300 BC and place it on a world timeline. Be amazed as you learn how Harappan civilisation functioned and how its cities flourished. Discover daily life; investigate the evidence we have for this civilisation and speculate on why the civilisation ended.

Block A
4 sessions
Introduction to the Indus Valley

Learn where the Indus Valley civilisation fits on a timeline and on a map. Find out about its terrain and climate. Explore why the Indus civilisation ended and the challenges faced by historians in answering this question.

History, Geography
Block B
4 sessions

Discover the cities of the Indus Valley, learn about the most significant sites and their construction. Find out about the archaeologists whose discovered that this ancient civilisation had existed.

Drama, History, Maths
Block C
4 sessions
Everyday Life

What was it like to be an ordinary person living in the Indus Valley 2,000 BCE? Learn about daily life, fashion, clothing, hairstyles, food, toys and more! Make your own board game using Indus Valley game pieces.

History, DT
Block D
4 sessions
Craftspeople and Trade

Find out about the creativity of the Indus Valley people and try your hand at making some of their artefacts. Learn about the process of trade and the goods involved.

DT, History
Block E
3 sessions

Discover the daily tasks of the Indus Valley farmers, the crops that were grown and the animals that were raised. Act out activities that they might have undertaken. Look at the evidence we have for Indus Valley farming.

History, DT
Block F
3 sessions
Religion in the Indus Valley

Learn about similarities between modern religions in the Indus Valley region and evidence of religious practices during the Indus Valley civilisation. Discover the indecipherable Indus Valley script.

Drama, History, Art & Design
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